“Direct Aid Society ” Inaugurates The New Building of Ummah University in ” Kenya “

“Direct Aid Society ” Inaugurates The New Building of Ummah University in ” Kenya “

Yesterday Thursday, Direct Aid Society inaugurated the new building of Ummah University in the county ” Kajiado (75 km south of the Kenyan capital, Nairobi). The inauguration ceremony was attended by vice president of Republic of Kenai Mr. / William Roto, former Sudanese president and chairman of Islamic Da’wa Organization ,Field Marshal/ Abdulrahman Sowar Al Zahab , chairman of Direct Aid. Dr Abdulrahman Saleh Al Mohillan, Kenyan Minister of Higher Education ,Professor /Dawood Soumi , Representative of Kenyan Parliamentarian majority (Adem Bari Doaali ) and all the official and popular figures in Kenya as well as some Gulf countries , in addition to Manager of the Civil Office of Direct Aid in Kenya and the officials of centers and schools affiliating to Direct Aid such as Kajiado center ( where the university is located) , Kelfi center, etc. The inauguration ceremony drew the attention of the official mass media including journals and T.V channels . The event was broadcasted live by the Kenyan T.V.

The ceremony started by receiving chairman of Direct Aid Society Dr. Abdulrahman Al Mohillan and head of Trustees Board in the University professor / Abdulghafour Al Bo Saedi, Members of University’s Board of Trustees for Vice Kenyan president who remove the veil from the memorial existed in the University entrance . Then , the celebrations started by chanting the Kenyan national anthem , followed by a welcoming speech of the attendees delivered by Manager of Ummah University , professor ; Shawkat Abdulrazeq , then the speech of vice president of the republic , speech of chairman of Direct Aid Society and speeches of some attendees.

In his speech , chairman of Direct Aid Society, Dr. Abdulrahman Al Mohillan has expressed his great pride of this great achievement which is considered as the fruit of continuous efforts throughout 5 years until the university was officially recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education. He also expressed his complete satisfaction of the honored level and the high quality of the buildings of Ummah University that most of Kenyan Universities were distinguished by.

” It is worth mentioning that this great educational pylon is the fruit of the efforts exerted by Dr. Abd Al-Rahman Al-Sumait – May Allah Bless him- the founder of Direct Aid Society , who believed deeply in the mission of education and to what extent it is effective in keeping the communities progressed” , Al Mohillan Indicated.

” This achievement is coincided with the Kuwaiti happiness with choosing Kuwait as a human center and choosing His Highness Emir of Kuwait / Sheikdh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah by the United Nation as the leader of humanity , the matter deserved by Kuwait due to donations provided by its people who don’t hastate in contributing to the charitable deeds” Al Mohillan Added .

In his speech, the sponsor of ceremony, vice president of Kenya Republic Mr. / William Routo expressed his happiness with this great event. “I consider this university as my own university. I witnessed, when I was Minister of Higher Education, its earlier establishment by inaugurating Theka Faculty of Islamic Law. At that time, I had the honor to attend the ceremony of graduating the first batch from it. Today, I have the honor to inaugurate a new campus of the university in ” Kajiado “. I will seek to grant this University the Universal Chart of Universities from Mr. President of the Republic”, He said

Vice President praised the distinctive relationships between Kuwait and Kenya as well as Kuwait support ; government and people , for education projects in Kenya , which leaves clear sign of the development sought by Kenyan Community.

On his part, acting Charge d’Affaires of Kuwait Embassy in Kenya Mr. Abdulkareem Al Mojeem praised the inauguration of the university, saying ” the inauguration of Ummah University established by Direct Aid Society is considered as a historical step in the course of joint relationships between both Kenya and State of Kuwait”, adding ” Dr. Al Soumit has curved his name in the history of charitable deeds in African Continent from east to west”.

The ceremony has included varied items and shows , the most prominent was a heritage show provided by sons of the tribe ” Al Masai” from the orphans of ” Kijiado” center and some items of chanting local teams. A student of the schools affiliating to “Direct Aid” has delivered a poetry poem where he has welcomed the attendees . The ceremony was concluded by a lunch table held on the honor of the attendees.

The new campus consists of modern halls for lectures, housing for employees , another housing for students and administrative building, in addition to a large library with capacity of 500 male and female students and include 10 thousands scientific books and references in both languages ; Arabic and English . The library also includes computers equipped by Internet. Ummah University also established digital library including millions of digital books , journals and resources which cover various topics and are available to the students inside the faculty or through the university electric gate.

Ummah University affiliating to Direct Aid Society is considered as the first Islamic University established and financed by Arab Chartable Society in Africa. Dr. Abd Al-Rahman Al-Sumait has set its first cornerstone in 2007 AD , when he established Theka Faculty of Islamic Law which was authorized by the Kenyan Higher Education Committee to grant both scientific degrees in majors ” Islamic Law and Islamic Studies ” in cooperation with African International University in Sudan . Theka Faculty was transferred to Ummah University to include three faculties, namely , Islamic Studies, Islamic Law and Economy . Therefore, in 2003 , it was recognized by Higher Education Committee as the first Private Islamic University among 67 universities, out of which 34 universities are affiliating to the church.

The University grants academic degrees, namely, bachelor of Islamic Law, Bachelor of Arts and Islamic Studies, Bachelor of Business Administration , in addition to five Deploma in : Islamic Banking Businesses & Finance, Islamic Studies, Arabic Language & Islamic Studies , Business Administration and Information & Communication Technology (ICT). The university undergraduates are accepted in noble jobs in education, banks, judgment , etc. Recently, 31 judges were appointed from the university undergraduates out of 20 judges.

It is worth mentioned that Direct Aid Society has established and managed four universities : “Ummah University” in Kenya, “Sameed” University in Somalia, ” Abd Al-Rahman Al-Sumait ” University in Zanzibar , ” Sciences, Arts & Technology” University in Benin (which cornerstone was established at early beginning of the current year), the matter assuring that the Direct Aid Society proceeds forward toward achieving its vision ( toward keeping the African communities empty of the poverty, ignorance and disease).