“Direct Aid Society” participates in the control of “Ebola”

“Direct Aid Society” participates in the control of “Ebola”

President of Republic of Sierra Leone, Mr. Ernest Bai Koroma, has welcomed Mr. Ahmed Kamamin, Director of Direct Aid Society Office in Sierra Leone, at the headquarters of the presidency in the capital, “Freetown”. Mr. Ahmed Kamamin expressed the society’s willingness to provide full support to the Sierra Leonean government in the procedures of controlling “Ebola” disease. He offered the president a donation from the society in amount of 50,000 US Dollars as a contribution to Ministry of Health’s efforts for controlling the disease along with putting all health institutions belong to the society at the disposal of the Sierra Leonean Ministry of Health. On the other side, The Sierra Leonean President expressed his great appreciation to the Direct Aid Society for the efforts made in all health, educational and social fields in Sierra Leone during the past years. Also, Mr. Koroma expressed his thanks for the assistance provided by the Government of Kuwait, its people and the civil society institutions in helping the African Peoples to face the disasters and diseases that devastate them, especially the recent aid in controlling the “Ebola” disease.

Direct Aid Society has put previously its hospital and clinics at the disposal of the Ministry of Health in Sierra Leone as a contribution in controlling the deadly disease. The Direct Aid Society, in fact, has two clinics in both of “Koso Town” and “Kempa”, in addition to “Makineey” hospital whose services benefit many patients from various areas around the capital “Freetown” whereas it offers checkups for diseases like malaria and typhoid. It offers also some special medical pregnancy tests, hemoglobin analysis and others. Furthermore, it offers treatment for some of infectious diseases such as blood pressure, diabetes, skin diseases, chest diseases, bones pain in addition to initial diagnoses of eye, ear, nose and throat diseases whereas its medical services for all people without distinction.

It is noteworthy that “Ebola” virus, which devastates several countries in the west coast of Africa including Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, has so far caused the death of many citizens, doctors and nurses alike. Furthermore, a great panic has prevailed due to “Ebola” virus which led to prevention of many citizens from roaming in crowded areas and the closure of many shops, markets and mass immigration of foreigners working in Sierra Leone, full stoppage for the touristic activity, closure of many hotels and the absence of mosques from worshipers as a result from the fear of spread of the disease whereas the danger of the situation led to public curfew by government authorities.

It is well known that the “Ebola” disease caused by a deadly virus because of which the deaths rate reaches to 90%. In the past, the disease used to appear and disappear intermittently since 1976 until began spreading epidemically in recent times in remote villages at Central and West Africa near the tropical rainforest, where the virus transmits from wild animals to humans, and then the infection transmits from one person to another in several ways including direct contact with the blood and secretions of an infected person or through contact with the tools of the infected person such as the injections contaminated with secretions carrying the infection. Symptoms of the disease usually appear abruptly and vary between high temperature, severe headache, muscle pain, joint pain, general weakness, sore throat, nausea, developing into a bloody vomiting, eyes redness and swelling, skin rash and low blood pressure up to death.

It is noteworthy that Direct Aid Society participates in controlling many diseases predominant in the African continent through health programs implemented yearly by its field offices in a thirty African countries. It is also involved in partnerships and joint cooperation agreements with a large number of international organizations such as United Nations Children Emergency Fund “UNICEF”, United Nations’ Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, “OCHA” and the World Health Organization for sake of executing the emergency medical assistance in the distressed areas.