The vice chairman of Direct Aid Society, Dr. Abdul-Rahman Al-Mehilan, thanked his Excellency prince Ash-Sheikh Sabbah Al-Ahmad for his noble initiative when he donated a million dollar for the sake of the Somali people.

Dr. Al-Mehilan said that Direct Aid Society had been – and still – implementing its tasks continuously in Somalia during the last two decades; thus it had been able to open its relief centers in the southern areas that were severely affected by famine.

He added that the offices of Direct Aid Society in Somalia had carried out a case study six months ago and they warned about a potential danger. Besides, the board of directors had sent Kuwaiti teams who paid a field visit to the southern areas of Somalia and the Somali refugee camps in Kenya at the beginning of this year and before the crisis aggravation. They warned about the crisis and started preparing for handling it early.

Moreover, Al-Mehilan mentioned that Direct Aid Society started its relief programs in February this year. It started supplying water to the drought-ravaged areas as well as distributing hundreds of tons of foodstuff in the south of Somalia before the aggravation of crisis which affected about three million people; mostly of children, women and elderly people. He also demonstrated that by the beginning of April, Direct Aid Society decided to open 20 centers in the south of Somalia to provide food to people who suffer from malnutrition, currently benefiting 10,000 child on a daily basis. It also opened 17 centers in north of Kenya from which 5000 person get benefit daily. In addition, it distributed dry foodstuff of rice, corn, oil and sugar to the affected people in Somalia and refugee camps.

Dr. Abdul Rahman Salah Al Mehilan pointed that Direct Aid Society had signed an agreement with the United Nations Child Care Association and the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in order to open 18 additional nutrition centres in Lower Shabelle and Gedo governorate, giving aid to 9000 child and woman suffering from malnutrition. Thus, up to 24000 persons benefit daily from the Society’s current centres.

Moreover, Dr. Abdul Rahman Salah Al Mehilan unveiled the Society’s plan to provide reliefs to 50 thousand family (300 thousand person) during the upcoming three months, and confirmed that the Society aims to provide its reliefs to the most affected people benefiting from the Kuwaiti support and wise leadership, and that it has chosen to target the most affected areas of Somalia and the most helpless categories in society; women and children.