Direct Aid Society completed the pilgrimage project for this year. It sent 108 persons to the Sacred House of Allah inSaudi Arabiato perform the rites of pilgrimage at a cost of about US $409,000.

Direct Aid Society declared in a statement that the pilgrimage project for this year was perfectly carried out, stressing that the pilgrimage journey, in spite of the hardships and difficulties associated with it, was facilitated to the pilgrims who performed their rites peacefully, safely and without facing any difficulties or inconveniences and this is out of Allah’s Grace.

The Society stressed that the pilgrimage project is one of its distinguished projects and that it is considered one of few societies that offer it. It also asserted that it will repeat it in the coming years at a wider scale.

The Society added that it was the pioneer in starting the Community Leader Pilgrimage Program many years ago. It sends tribe and community leaders to pilgrimage because they act as a role models and guides to the path of Islam and piety to those who follow them.