The direct aid society mentioned that an envoy from the society made a specialized field visit to a number of african countries from 11 October till 3 November 2011. The society in a press conference for it the delegation visit, which included in its membership each of manager of social care administration Jassim Al-Rabie, and head of technical branch in the dept of orphans Haiel Hafez, included 4 countries: Ethiopia, Uganda, Sudan and Central African. During their field visit, the delegation members transferred to the greetings of donors and feelings and concern of all officials in the main office of direct aid society to improve and develop care for orphans and perusing the facilities and infrastructure and services provided for orphans, and verifying the conditions of orphans and affairs and listening to their demands and suggestions. Where Ethiopia was the first station visited by delegation of direct aid society and this is through the period from 11-17 October 2011, visiting orphan centers their especially center of Nagashi encompassing 121 orphans and Belal encompassing 123 orphans, where a party is made and cover distributed and awards were distributed for unique orphans in both centers.

The society showed that the second station for the visit of delegation was Sudan, it took one week from 17-23 October 2011, through which Rahma Center in the region area of Hajj Yousif and investigating conditions of orphans and attending Quran memorization sessions with them, and so the delegation of direct aid society distributed appreciation awards on unique examples and cover for all orphans and this gave a sense of relieve among all. As to Uganda, it was the third station for the visit, in the period from 23-31 October 2011, and during which a visit is made to centers of orphan care under direct aid society there: Al-Khamis center, Al-Zamel, Al-Sahaba, Aesha Center for girls encompassing 722 male and female orphans, and the visiting delegation shared with them some activities and listened to their needs and demands and so the cover is distributed and appreciation awards were distributed among them. The last station of the visit of direct aid society to Africa were republic of Central African, from 31 October till 3 November 2011, and the delegation in this station visited center of Anas ibn Malik encompassing 240 orphans, and the delegation investigated facilities of the center and witness the Quran sessions and distribution of cover on all orphans and appreciation awards for unique persons. At the end of these four field visits for orphan centers, the project of slaughter program (cows, sheep, goat) is executed as alms for orphans from donations of charity providers in the state of Kuwait, and orphans showed their happiness and thanks for the visiting delegation.

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