Directaid Society , with charity message ,was established since three contracts  . Since this time, Directaid continues in distinction  the various fields.  In the field  of information technology , the website of Directaid has got the first center  from the electronic branch in Kuwait Electronic prize which was organized under the  sponsorship of the Emir of the country Sheikh  /  Sabah  Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah may Allah protect him.

It is an Arabic Society in the completion of Forbes Magazine 2050 . At the transparent level,   Directaid has got the second position in the Arab World in the Middle East for transparency in its second circle in the charity societies list which are more transparent in the Arab World.

In the field of authenticating the charity work in Africa, Chairman Dr. Abdul Rahman Saleh Al Mehelan has announced that Directaid society was keen, since its establishment, on accessing the needy in the  disastrous areas despite of the far distances and difficult roads. Directaid team  conducts the field work including providing the assistances directly to the needy with not intermediate while a side of the team members of  those specialized in photography  shall  perform the task of authenticating the rescue work and convey a real image embodying the volume of suffering facing millions in Africa.

Directaid provided the foodstuffs  in 2011  for many millions in the African famine which  inflicted allot of peoples in the various disastrous areas and rescue camps

Beside the rescue work , there is the a documentary side in covering the tragic reality  in which thusand of the inflected are living . the members of the rescue team have accompanied the engineer / Majed Sultan AL Zoabi to conduct the photography task, since Al Zoabi has took many  effective photos  which tells real and painful stories embodying the volume of famine which didn’t except any one.

Directaid society , with the lens of  Majed Sultan Al Zoabi, has got the  gold medal  through participating with the photo ” Final glance”   in the  International Child’ Competition  in which  61 photographers from 10 countries participated . Among these photos , there was a photo for a patient child a result of being inflicted by sharp bad nutrition  while looking to his sad mother  with a glance to be ” the final glance” . In this occasion , the chairman  of Directaid society  expressed his happiness with this achievement which is added to the record of Al Awon Al Mobasher’s achievements during more than three centuries of  human work in Arica.

Engineer Majed Sultan Al Zoabi has explained that  his goal of conducting  the task of authenticating the photography is to spread these human works throughout the world  . On this occasion,   Engineer Al Zoabi  Said  ”  in such situations the feelings are mixed .  Despite of winning the gold medal , I’m very sad for the condition of the child and other thousands of children whom I saw in Somalia during the famine and I hope the human message is conveyed though the photos to rescue the children and assist the needy.

Al Zoabi, who lately got the prize of good fingerprint from   Good Commission Forum ,  hope that the Arab charity institutions taking care of  the concept of  specialization in general and the authentication and photography in particular because  this has a great effect on the credibility of the work and convey it professionally.