Kuwaiti Society of “Direct Aid” plans to distribute 30 thousand sacrifices in 28 African countries.

The Kuwaiti Society of “Direct Aid” announced its intention to distribute 30 thousand sacrifices in 28 African countries within the project of sacrifices this year in order to activate the principles of social solidarity and the revival of this blessed ritual to meet the needs of poor families in those countries.
Dr. Abdul Rahman Mahalan, the chairman of the Board of Directors of the Society argued that the Society is acting on behalf of the donor to buy the sacrifice and slaughter it, and that there is endowment related to the sacrifices which will be placed on the stock market by the Society in which one share of the endowment is estimated at 300 Dinars. Some of revenue of this endowment will be used for the implementation of this project of sacrifices in addition there is cash donation for the sacrifice with an amount between 50 to 160 Dinars.

He pointed out that the project of the sacrifice is one of the important seasonal projects held by the Society from which the rightly new guided people to Islam and poor Muslims benefit and he stressed that the Society for the implementation of the project, it takes into account the selection policy for the poorest and most dense places in order to achieve the objectives of the project in coordination and cooperation with external parties that work with the Society as they provide it with the necessary information, as well as the field visits undertaken by the Society to inspect the implementation of this project.