As a part of its human mission and social responsibilities, the Kuwaiti Direct Aid Society distributed clothes and shoes to nearly 6300 family in a number of states in the south ofMauritania.

The Direct Aid Society stated in a press release that it had distributed these subsistence aids to the poor districts and areas inMauritania, through the Bureau of Relief Intervention either individually or by organizing cooperation programs with the local civil society associations that are well-known for their good reputation at the humanitarian level.

It is worth mentioning that among the distributed clothes, there were winter clothes to help the poor face the cold weather of the winter season. In addition, many shoes were distributed to the residents, especially children. Moreover, a quantity of dates was given to every family. The Kuwaiti Direct Aid Society also noted that these aids helped the poor obtain clothes and made children feel happy. This is because many of these aids were distributed in the severely cold days and many children got benefit from them, particularly those children who study in the Quranic schools.At the end of its press release, the Kuwaiti Direct Aid Society stressed its commitment and continuing efforts for human aid and relief to bring happiness and hope to all poverty-stricken people in the different African countries it works in.