Direct Aid Society announced that its annual sacrifices project (udhia project) provides a great chance to delight Muslims, especially the poor, so as to share with them their happiness with the coming of the Greater Bairam (Eid Al-Adh’ha). The Society stressed that it paid a greater attention during the year of1431 A. H. to poor villages and small towns, as well as distant areas to which other charitable associations and organizations could not reach. Therefore, total expenditure on the sacrifices project for this year is estimated to be US$ 2,118 million in the 27 countries served by the Society.

The Society also stated that it has been keen as usual to choose the breeding sites and purchase sacrifices directly from the breeders themselves; in order to avoid purchasing from the markets so as to get the suitable quality and price, providing advantage for both the sacrifices project and its beneficiaries.

It also added that the distribution process had been achieved professionally – by the grace of Allah – amid happy and cheerful atmospheres filled with prayers for all almsgivers and whomever takes part in making the poor and needy people happy. Moreover, the Society hoped that Allah – Glory be to Him – may make whomever contributes to this project happy in the Day of Resurrection.

In addition, Direct Aid Society thanked all men and women almsgivers for their aid and support presented to the sacrifices project, praising their efforts in backing the charitable work.