Dr. Abdul Rahman Saleh Mahalan, Chairman of Direct Aid said “The Society decided commemorating the late deceased ” Ghanimeah Fahad Al-Marzouq” to call the first model school for Muslim girls after her name. The school is established by the Direct Aid Society in the suburbs of the Canadian capital Nairobi, near the Nation University founded by Dr. Abdul Rahman Sumait.

The school (Ghanimeah Al-Marzouq Model Secondary School for Girls) – where it is under establishment now – is considered as the first of its kind among the 3500 High School in Kenya. The Society has developed the highest standards of quality for the school in terms of quality and excellent educational service provided to in it.

The school will open in January next year 2014 and will accommodate up to 480 students, in addition to internal accommodation for the residence of expatriate students.

Al-Mahalan had mourned the departure of Mrs. / ” Ghanimeah Fahad Al-Marzouq” that died a few days ago, saying: “If death hid her body, her works will remain permanent witnessing to that courageous spirit, who has transcended to higher matters, till she won leadership and pioneering among women of her generation in several fields beginning of the press and media through the social work action through humanitarian charity work in its broadest sense, which extended up to the jungles of the African continent “.

Al-Mahalan added “Ghanimeah Al-Marzouq will continue as generosity that does not stop and her white hands will remain as milestones on the road to charitable work in Kuwait over a lifetime. The deceased was always endeavoring for contribution in the variety of projects and activities of Direct Aid Society. She did not leave a field of fields of good without being the forerunner to offer it.

Al- Al-Mahalan added that “Ghanimeah Al-Marzouq – God blesses her -contributed to most of the projects and activities of the Direct Aid Society. She donated for building many Islamic centers and mosques and the houses of the new converts and she sponsored tens of preachers and exponents to God and the orphans. She also financed many call to God convoys and she charged with the pilgrimage of many of sultans and leaders of the African tribes. In terms of the educational side, she, God blessed her, donated for building many schools and she sponsored many students until three judges, seventeen teachers and two holders of doctorate graduated from those students and the remaining became callers for God. On the cultural and enlightening level, she supported the project of Quraan printing and translation of the Islamic books and she contributed to the health projects of the society through establishing more than one hospital and she financed many medical camps and she contributed to the development of the African societies through establishing many training and rehabilitation centers for women and financing the agricultural projects for the small peasants and donating for the digging of artesian and surface wells.
This was not limited to her generosity for one country only but her charity extended along the whole African continent from Somalia in the east to Gambia on the west coast of the continent”.

Al-Mahalan concluded his speech by saying: ” Direct Aid Society will never forget ” Ghanimeah Al-Marzouq ” the distinguished media woman and journalistic with fair and free opinion and elevated principles. We will not forget her support for the charity work and her desperate defense for her fair issues. We will not forget her support for the works and activities of the Direct Aid Society since its work until its activity extended and spread along the African continent”.

“God blesses the late deceased and puts her soul in the highest paradise, and God inspired her family with patience”.