In the course of the various successes achieved by charitable projects, Direct Aid reported that the Society received a vast number of Thanks & Appreciation certificates from the government of Ethiopia and local authorities expressing their deep appreciation for the impressive results achieved through these projects and their contribution to the national development process.

The Society said that Ethiopia office has been able to achieve several milestones for different development sectors including education, healthcare, and local development.

At the level of education, children under the care of the Society, including orphans, achieved good results in 2011-2012 academic year, and exceeded all reasonable performance expectations. In Nagashi School, the success rate was 100% in the Certificate of Primary Education exam in Republic of Ethiopia, whereas Bilal School achieved 98% in the Certificate of Primary Education exam.

In the area of health, the Society received an appreciation letter from the Ministry of Health for the Society’s contribution to the 2011 4th eyes camp , which was held in Dacey city, Amhara, about 400 km of Addis Ababa with nearly 80% of Muslim population . The screening includes about 8,000 patients of population suffer from vision problems, and 800 operations were performed free of charge to those in need.

With respect to the Society’s participation in local development, the Society’s office in Ethiopia received an appreciation letter from the Office of Water in the Somali Region, as the Society dug 11 shallow wells or hand dug wells to supply the community in Jakjaka with water.

Moreover, the appreciation letters expressed deep gratitude of the government of Ethiopia to Kuwait Direct Aid for their generous efforts and significant contributions to reducing the country’s burden and assisting in the achievement of development for rural and remote areas, which include more than 60% of population, who lack access to adequate education and health services and safe drinking water.

In conclusion, Kuwait executive management expressed deep appreciation to external employees for their contributions to these achievements, marking Kuwaiti charitable action, which obtains a special place in the map of humanitarian action across the world.