Established and administered by Direct Aid Society, the Faculty of Education in Zanzibarhas celebrated the 9th class of the graduate students of the year 2009/2010, where the number of graduates reached 177, 38% of whom were females. The celebration has been held under the auspices of the president ofZanzibar, Dr. Ali Muhammad Sheen, and his vice.

The celebration was attended by the chairman of the faculty’s board of trustees, the vice chairman of Direct Aid Society, Dr. Abdul Rahman Salah Al Mehilan, the minister of education inZanzibar, Ramadan Abdullah Sha’ban, and the representative ofInternationalUniversityofAfrica, Dr. Mahdi Sati.

The president ofZanzibar, Dr. Muhammad, voiced his pleasure for attending the celebration, expressing gratitude to the chairman of the faculty’s board of trustees who invited him as a guest of honor in the graduation party. The president also said, “one of the objectives of the state is to maintain the right of learning for all citizens and Faculty of Education seeks to achieve the same objective. Therefore, Faculty of Education inZanzibarand the government are partners in developing the educational process.” The president also called upon both public and private sectors to participate in the development plan, expressing his happiness because this invitation is well approved by friends and their partners in Africa Muslims Committee based inKuwait, so he showed his appreciation for them.On his part, Dr Abdul Rahman Al Mehilan said, “the establishment of the faculty in Zanzibar is an evidence of the historical relations between Zanzibar and Kuwait,” asserting that Direct Aid Society (Africa Muslims Committee) is committed to improve the quality of education in Africa in general and in this region in particular, and that it has therefore established a specialized bureau to develop and improve the quality of education in its institutions in Africa. He also noted that they will resume the work of Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Sumait as well as the great achievements done by Africa Muslims Committee (Direct Aid Society) in the field of education inAfricasince 1981 by expanding the educational development plan to include different stages starting from the primary education to academic education and post-graduation studies. For example, these developments will include building 142 schools in more than 28 African countries and managing them directly, in addition to offering more than 1800 scholarships for public education and academic and post-graduation studies for the year 2011. As for higher education, Direct Aid Society founded and administered 4 faculties and universities. First, it founded the Faculty of Education inZanzibarin 1998, that began then with only 25 students. But now the number of students enrolled in this faculty reached 1054, and 901 students have graduated from it. The faculty includes seven departments; Islamic studies, Arabic language, history, geography, mathematics and physics, chemistry and biology, and chemistry and physics. The second faculty established by the Direct Aid Society is Thika college for Shari’a and Islamic studies inKenyain 1998. This faculty will receive this year a university license from the Ministry of Higher Education inKenya, and thus it will be the first Islamic university inKenyaand it expanded its majors to include computer sciences and business administration. The number of its graduates has reached till now 1390. Thirdly, Somali Institute of Management and Administration Development in Somalia was established in 2000, from which hundreds of students have graduated, 1573 of them have got the diploma and 825 students have got the bachelor’s degree. The faculty had achieved the first rank inSomaliaand has turned now into a university namedSIMADUniversity. In addition, Direct Aid Society is about to establish a huge educational construction which is called Al Umma University inKenya. The foundation stone was laid on 14 June 2010 and the guest of honor at that ceremony was the Kenyan minister of defense. Actually, the project is in its first stages of construction.