Abdulrahman Alsumait University in Zanzibar celebrated after a number of its students, 364 of them, graduated. The event makes the total number of graduated students from the university to reach 4,183, all with different degrees and from different academic programs, ready and primed to join the workforce and help in growing their communities.

The university strives to be a leading centre in building a graduate who has helpful knowledge and noble manners, a centre that offers high quality academic and career programs on all levels. It also endeavours to evolve and spread modern teaching methods, to create a perfect academic environment, and reinforce the knowledge and skills of the students that prepare them to be researchers in various scientific studies that fix national crises. The university works towards acting as a centre specializing in training, researching, and consulting.

Thanks to Allah, graduates of Alsumait University are special, in that most took leadership positions all around Zanzibar, and established a number of economic, charitable, and developmental programs that help their society.