Al Muhailan: It is a Honor that His Highness Amir Names Prize on Memory of Dr. Al-Sumait

Al Muhailan: It is a Honor that His Highness Amir Names Prize on Memory of Dr. Al-Sumait

The Chairman and the board members of the Direct Aid have highly praised the initiative of His Highness Amir of Kuwait Sheikh Subah Al Ahamd Al Jaber Al Subah ,may Allah protect him, represented in Kuwait’s decision to name a financial annual prize estimated at One Million American Dollar on the name of Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Sumait, May Allah have mercy upon him. Such prize will be under the supervision of Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences.

Direct Aid Chairman of the Board of Directors Dr. AbdulRahman Saleh Al-Muhailan said that His Highness the Amir’s initiative is an appreciation of the efforts made by Kuwaiti charity organizations, especially in the African continent. Such appreciation from the side of His Highness the Amir is an honor that should be interpreted into action as Kuwait is pioneering in humanitarian and philanthropic work which can be seen in different parts of Asia, Africa and Europe and that Kuwait brings prosperity to the people of all these countries.

Al-Muhailan added that this prize is considered as an evidence of appreciation to Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Sumait , May Allah have mercy upon him, who is considered as a pioneer in the humanitarian and philanthropic work and who has spent his life attempting to bring prosperity to this continent. Also this prize came as an appreciation to his big efforts towards Africa, such efforts that left a great imprint on all the humanitarian aspects that play an important role in developing the African countries and its people.

Finally , Dr. Al-Muhailan expressed his deep gratitude to His Highness the Amir for his support and for creating this prize. Also , Dr. Al-Muhailan stressed that such charity and humanitarian works are protecting Kuwait and its people. Dr. Al-Muhailan also prayed to Allah to protect Kuwait , its people, its Amir and all the Muslim countries from any harm.