Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) Donations

Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) Donations

Direct Aid society received 3 tons of dates donated by Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), from the production of Al-Abdalia reserve owned by the company.

The dates will be distributed to poor and needy families in African countries. A team consisted of Eng. Omar Sadiq “Operations Director in western Kuwait”, Mr. Fahad Eid “Operations Supervisor”, Mr. Mohammed Al-Dosari “Al-Abdali reserve Supervisor” participated in official shipments delivery from Kuwait Oil Company, and they were received by Direct Aid society’s Director of Public Relations and Marketing Department, Mr.Majed Al-Zaabi and Warehouse Manager.

KOC used to provide Direct Aid some of its farms production annually to be distributed to the largest range of needy African families, who consider dates as a precious meal.

In turn, Direct Aid society thanked KOC delegation and its employees for this generous contribution and promised to deliver the dates as soon as possible to the needy.