Launch of endowment report of 2016

Launch of endowment report of 2016

Direct Aid Association issued its annual report of Endowment Office on the programs and projects implemented from the endowments. Because the Association’s belief in the importance of the endowment in achieving sustainability and continuity of work, Direct Aid gave great importance to the endowments through a competent department for all matters related to endowments, including management their funds, invest it and spend their income annually for the purposes assigned by donor to remain everlasting charity in his lifetime and after his death, and to achieve the legitimate purposes of the endowment and the development of society culturally, socially and to relieve the burden of those in need.

Thanks to Allah, then thanks to charitable people of Kuwait, Arab and Islamic countries, a great achievement was achieved in endowment management during 2016 with total 2.174.049 Dinar collected from the revenues of the investment portfolio and distributed according to the charitable wishes on a variety of projects.

Of the total endowment revenues in 2016, only 2168 orphans, preacher and Hajji were covered, 3191 awareness programs were implemented benefiting 4,281,859 beneficiaries, 5609 sacrifices were implemented, 256,882 Iftar meals were provided in Ramadan, 275 educational project was funded in 31 country. Due to endowment revenue, 304 medical convoy launched to benefit 121,699 people from distant areas that are cut off from the appropriate health services, 964 development projects carried out benefiting 5.993 beneficiaries, as well as wells drilling projects, surgical camps, construction projects and other projects, bringing the number of beneficiaries 5,438,488 people throughout one year.

The report included endowment spending in detail to achieve transparency needed for the donors and their high confidence in the ability of the Association to achieve the maximum benefit possible from their endowments and our keenness in Direct Aid to consolidate charitable work in its comprehensive sense, which extends to raise the poor individuals and families to become able to change their reality through programs and projects that support all aspects of their lives.

Note that the work core of the endowment in the Direct Aid Association was allocated by its founder Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Sumait, may Allah have mercy on him, from King Faisal Award to be a nucleus of educational endowment to raise the level of education in 31 countries we work in it.

The report is available on Direct Aid website and can be requested from the main branch of the association.