Mahalan: at«Direct Aid» more than 400 schools spread in Africa, the good science is a weaponof for the children of the poor.

Mahalan: at«Direct Aid» more than 400 schools spread in Africa, the good science is a weaponof for the children of the poor.

The President of the Republic of Malawi Dr. Joyce Banda, has signed a memorandum of understanding of Direct Aid with the chairman of the Direct Aid Society for the establishment of the University of Malawi and a number of charity investment projects.
Dr. Joyce Banda said that: I am very pleased to witness the signing of the Memorandum of understanding between Malawi’s Government and Direct Aid Society, which is an international charity organization located in Kuwait. She pinpointed that this organization aims at enabling the Direct Aid to work as a full-fledged international organization in Malawi, and it will also allow for Malawians to achieve the full benefit from their programs.
She added that all people know that the Direct Aid Society is now operating in more than 30 African countries. Firstly, it started in Mangochi district, Malawi, 1981, and it was known as the Committee for the Muslims of Malawi. After that, the name of the organization was changed to the African Muslims Agency. Currently, I announce that the organization will be known now for Malawi and Direct Aid to be in line with the international trade marks.

She added that since its foundation, Direct Aid Society has supported the programs of education, health and social care in Malawi, and that our country has greatly benefited from the organization’s programs in comparison with other countries such as South Africa, Kenya and Sierra Leone that is why I am pleased to sign this memorandum of understanding which will raise new opportunities for Malawians in the various sectors of economic and social development.

She explained that I am pleased that the organization undertakes to establish a University that will focus on providing the technical education which in turn will help some young people to acquire the needed skills for self-employment.

Dr. Banda said “Let me also ask the President to determine the priorities of the request I made for providing the support for the sake of building the Grand Mosque in Mangochi. As you know, the recent statistics showed that the number of Muslims in Malawi is about 12%, and thus upon the establishment of this Grand Mosque, it will a source for spiritual inspiration for all people over the country, with our emphasis and our commitment to support the freedom of worship for all Muslims and the followers of other religions.

She expressed her gratitude for the Direct Aid that responded to the invitation sent by her last February to get the support with the purchase of medicines that estimated with one million dollar to secure the medical stocks as well as to support the provision of clean water for many Malawians through wells and direct aids.

She thanked, on behalf of the people of Malawi, Direct Aid and the people of Kuwait for their commitment to support her country through different programs hoping for the continuity of cooperation.

In turn, the chairman of the Direct Aid Society, Dr. Abdulrahman Al Muhailan said that: The president of Republic of Malawi has adopted a memorandum of understanding with Direct Aid Society. Malawi is considered the first African country has been visited by Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Sumait since 30 years through the Committee of Muslims in Malawi, which has become after one year the Muslims Committee of Africa. After that; the late has issued a command with registering the Committee in Kuwait and then it has been registered under the name of Direct Aid Society.

She added: We have schools in Malawi, in which it is the first in high school, but our poor students do not find a University to join after graduation. Today, this memorandum allows us to do our best in the service of the poor people in Malawi. There is a plan approved by the Board of Directors including the construction of the fourth university in Africa which will be in Malawi after we have finished the University of Mogadishu, which is enclosing 3,500 students, University of Zanzibar, which is enclosing 3 1,500 students, and a university in Tanzania in addition to the University which is being currently established in Kenya, Nairobi as it contains all the colleges.

Al-Muhailan noted that the society has more than 400 schools are spreading in Africa and we know that good education is the weapon of the children of poor people in Africa. Also, we have other projects; including drilling number of 800 wells in addition to building clinics and medical camps. Malawi has features of beauty and its good people who are looking forward the good education. Work therein needs to put some priorities into consideration before others to pave the way for the education.

He cleared that the new plan in Niger, Mali, and 5 other countries is represented in digging 100 deep wells to provide food for agriculture and therefore the good health needed by the learner. It is a seed planted by the late (Abdulrahman Al-Sumait) and sponsored by the owners of white hands of Kuwaiti and Gulf people led by The Amir who is the first supporter for the charity work.

The feasibility study for establishing the University is initiated with the participation of Ministries and private offices of Malawi for detecting the majors that we need. Then, the land is to be prepared and the construction to be started within 4 months with putting the foundation stone. It is expected that the University will include from 4 to 5 Majors enclosing 2,000 to 3,000 students. Other branches will be opened and therefore the value inevitably will be less.