The Direct Aid Society has begun its campaign for wide food relief in the Republic of Yemen for more than 22 thousands Yemeni families and children with attendance of the Kuwait ambassador in Sana’a, Fahd Saad Almeie and both of Jasim Mohammed Al- Rabei and Bader Al-Safran, the delegates of the Direct Aid Society in State of Kuwait for Yemen and the concerned governmental authorities.
The food staff parcels have been distributed for 70 families in the capital Sana’a, provided that the campaign communicates through the Yemeni Institution of Human Development, “Agent of Kuwait Direct Aid Society in Yemen” for distributing the food staff and health bags for children who have malnutrition and the poor and immigrant families in Abeen, Aden, Lahij, Al Hudaydah, Hajjah, and Sana’a Governorate in which it is expected that the campaign will be benefited by 12000 families and 10 thousands children who have malnutrition. The food parcel consists of wheat, rice, sugar, beans, oil and dates with a direct funding from the Direct Aid Society. the Yemeni Institution of Human Development said during a celebration of inauguration that it carried out the program of the rehabilitation of woman for the work market by awarding 18 trainees of orphan girls and the students of the project of Alshafee for educating Quran Kareem, Diploma of Executive Secretary and Modern Offices Management. Many sections and purposeful sessions have been conducted in which the most prominent of them is “Art of Communication, and Reporting, Correspondences, Archives, Secretary, Offices”. It also inaugurated a summer camp for children aiming at providing them with many skills in all fields.