“Direct Aid Society has concluded the Hajj and Sacrifices season with the implementation of more than 36,000 sacrifices in Africa and Yemen, benefiting one million and one hundred thousand people from the poor, widows and people with special needs in the countries where direct aid works,” said the director of public relations, media and marketing. Free Membership.

He added that the Society, by the grace of Allah, has completed its journey in sponsoring the pilgrims from tribal leaders, preachers and sultans to perform the pilgrimage which began more than thirty years ago. Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, as usual, may God protect him every year. Al-Zaabi said that direct aid, as usual for several years, is organizing a campaign on the day of Arafa devoted in the fourth year to stop the proceeds will be directed to serve the Koran and memorize and master his recitation in 200 Koranic episodes of the orphans of the Aoun Society, which ensures the welfare of philanthropists.

Al-Zaabi said in his statement that the interest in memorizing the Holy Quran, one of the pillars of building the personality of the Muslim human being educated with high morals that We seek the help of God to be characterized by orphans of direct aid, adding that Direct Aid Society sponsors more than 22 thousand orphans in African countries.

At the end of his statement, he thanked the trust of donors and their support for the aid projects, promising that the society will continue its approach to implementing the work in a transparent manner that will keep the donor informed on the implementation of projects that achieve lasting benefit and the greatest benefit to the needy and the poor.