A meeting in Tanzania to discuss ways to strengthen and develop the Kuwaiti charity work

President of the “Direct Aid Society” met with the president of “Republic of Tanzania”

Direct Aid opens a branch of the university in Tanzania.

Direct Aid implements “Fourth Alamal Kuwaiti Surgical Camp ” in the capital, “Dar Al- Salaam.”

Dr.Abdul Rahman Saleh Mahalan, the chairman of the Direct Aid Society has recently made a friendly visit to the Republic of ” Federal Tanzania” where he met with His Excellency the Tanzanian President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete. During the meeting, they exchanged talk about the joint friendship between the two peoples of Kuwait and Tanzania, also the Tanzanian President reviewed the work and activities of the Direct Aid Society in Tanzania, and the two sides discussed ways of development of these businesses and focus on the areas of health and education in the next phase.

Dr. Abdul Rahman Mahalan said that he suggested to the Tanzanian President during the meeting, the plan of the Society to transform the College of Education, its affiliate in Zanzibar, to a university and to open a branch in Tanzania and to build and equip five new mosques, in a step described by “Mahalan” as a complement to the efforts initiated by Dr Abdul Rahman Al-Sumait, the founder of Direct Aid Society (God may heal him).

Mahalan also met during the visit, with the ambassador Yahya Simba, the director of the Middle East Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tanzania, and he discussed with him the arrangements and preparations needed for Fourth Alamal Kuwaiti Surgical Camp which has been recently carried out by the Direct Aid Society in”Mbela University Hospital” in the Tanzanian capital Dar Al- Salaam, during which 95 major surgery operations have been performed in various medical specialties.

It is noteworthy that the visit came in response to the gracious invitation of the Tanzanian Foreign Minister, Bernard Membe, who confirmed during his meeting with Dr. Abdul Mahalan on the Kuwait’s large role in the development of African societies especially what the Direct Aid Society does in the various fields of human and community development. The minister promised to help overcome all obstacles facing the works of the Society.