President of the Islamic Solidarity Fund Nasser Al Za’abi visits Direct Aid Society

President of the Islamic Solidarity Fund Nasser Al Za’abi visits Direct Aid Society

The President of the Islamic Solidarity Fund, a subsidiary organ of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), Ambassador in UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nasser Al Za’abi paid a visit to Direct Aid Society headquarters last Thursday, where he was received by the Vice President of the Society, Mohammed Abdulaziz al-Allush who briefed the Ambassador Al-Za’abi on a number of the Society projects and activities in African continent from cultural, religious, health, education, and advocacy, to other services and productivity developments. He continued stating that all these projects benefit the people of Africa who strongly suffer from diseases, epidemics and widespread ignorance among the population as well as their exposure to disasters, tribal conflicts and religious wars.

During the discussion, Mr. Mohammad Al-Allush, Vice President of the Society, talked about a number of projects that are scheduled to complete after fulfilling the required legal papers and supporting documents, such as the Islamic University project in Niger, which includes separate colleges for boys and girls similar to colleges and universities done in Zanzibar, Kenya and Somalia. Also, Springs of Life project and the drilling of 100 artesian wells in Niger desert to provide clean drinkable water to its citizens. In addition to the student accommodation project, Waqf Well’s, sponsorship of teachers and professors working in schools, institution and colleges run by the Society, to be completed in African countries.

Moreover, the meeting also discussed health projects that provide the necessary medicines and medical supplies to a number of clinics and hospitals run by the Society, as well as orphan-care projects and Iftar meals specially that we are at the threshold of the holy month of Ramadan.

At the end of the visit, Ambassador Al-Za’abi praised the efforts of Direct Aid Society, which has risen far-reaching and complete educational, health, social projects and relief campaigns to the countries of the African continent, in addition to the Society and donors white hands in this continent, which obliges all of us, governments, institutions and individuals, to provide the necessary support for the Society to continue their projects, efforts and achievements, and tighten at the hands of officials in the Direct Aid Society who are sparing no effort, since it was founded by the late Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Sumait – may Allah have mercy upon him – to preserve the achievements and expand them within the continent to reach all of the African people living in poverty and destitution, ignorance and diseases that grind their people.