This policy was issued on  17 / 7 / 2017

Direct Aid Organization cares about protecting the privacy of its supporters such as visitors, donators, and beneficiaries. We are obligated of all the laws that govern work inside the digital space launching from the same principles of the organization which are based on transparency and clarity. These things motivated us to write these laws which are related to our policy for protecting the privacy.

The Meaning of the Privacy Policy:
Privacy policy represents a type of an implicit contracting between the website of the organization and all its supporters including visitors, donators, and beneficiaries.

Through the items mentioned in the privacy policy, we work on the clarification of all the data, which is collected from them automatically or optionally. In additions, we expose the reasons that made us collect this data and the fields in which we shall use it.

Based on this, we regard the usage of the website, an implicit acceptance of the terms that are included in this policy. We also refer that a notification shall be fixed in our pages about any partial or complete change that may happen to this policy.

Information Collected by Direct Aid Organization Website:
As a charity website, we receive hundreds of visits daily. Therefore, some data may be collected from the users and visitors for a set of objectives that shall be later clarified.
This happens through two different methods:-
•    The first method in collecting the personal information, which the donators say. This matter is related to name, telephone number, address, and email address of the donator, in addition to the options which are related to the methods of payment accepted by the website.

•    The second method is automatic. This matter is related to the type of the device which is used during browsing the website (a computer, a tablet, a smart phone, etc.), the system of it (Mac, Windows, Android, etc.), and the type of the browser (Chrome, Opera, Firefox, etc.) in addition to the information related to the time of visit, the period of staying on the website and the visited pages. We refer that most of the browsers are pre-set for collecting these data that is called “Cookies” and which are text data transferred by the website to the device of the user so as to make the website identify the information related to the visit each time the user uses the electronic services of Direct Aid Organization.

How Can We Use the Data We Collected?
Direct Aid Organization guarantees to save the personal information and not to share, sell or replace it with other parties with a care to its content and not to use it for purposes other than the purposes for which it was collected. This information is for example used for sending text messages to the donator and sending the donation order to the email address in addition to the reports of your appreciated donation in the case of the registration on the website and adding this information. Or the usage of the automatic information such as knowing the commonest time for the existence of the donators to assure serving them in the peak time for example in addition to the most used devices for serving the website for making the website appear with in a good shape in these devices. Furthermore, we use some information for facilitating donation for the visitors of the website.

Who Can See the Information or Data of the Visitors of Direct Aid Organization’s Website?
In all cases, the information and data of visitors either they are donators or beneficiaries are dealt within an electronic way through the system of the website or the application. This does not require the participation of the employees or making them review this information or data. However, in some cases, in a very narrow range, and for specific objectives, the possibility of reaching to this information and data may be allowed to a few number of specialists and technicians who have a direct relation to the usage of this information and data and dealing with it. These specialists and technicians are obliged to respecting the confidentiality and privacy of this information and data through signing a document as an obligation of this. This information and data may also be reviewed by a third party as a mediator such as the provider of the short messages services and these parties are also obliged to the confidentiality of this information. In some exceptional cases (such as investigations and cases), the employees of the controlling authorities or the concerned parties may review this information as an application for the provisions of the law and the provisions of the judiciary parties. Direct Aid Organization is obliged not to use this information and data for any profitable or commercial purposes.

How to Show the Desire Not to Present Your Data:
You can browse the website of Direct Aid Organization without presenting your personal information at the same time to donate as a philanthropist. But, you cannot follow these donations or get reports through the presented electronic services from the organization such as through the email address and the message of donation confirmation.

How Do We Use the Credit Card of the Donators?
When the donators do the payment process either through the usage of (Visa and Master Card) or donating through Knet, the donation process shall occur through the page of the service providing bank. None of the bank information of the donators shall be registered such as “account number”, “password”, or any information related to the credit card of the donator on the website of Direct Aid Organization. This information stays secured through the service providing bank, bearing into consideration that the service providers of electronic payment by Visa, Master Card, or Knet use the latest methods for protecting the information of payment through the internet.

Protecting Your Personal Information:
We acknowledge the importance of the personal information of our honored visitors and donators. We also completely realize the challenges, which face the security of internet transactions. Therefore, we exert big efforts for protecting this information and this is through the application of the highest safety levels for the website for protecting it from the electronic attacks and we also encode all the information of the individuals we deal with.

These are the key points of the privacy policy of the website and we would like to indicate that you could inquire about any of its item(s) by contacting us.