Somali people have been exposed to a drought wave that has struck countries of Horn of Africa in general such as Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia and Gepoty. This wave has killed animals and livestock which were the backbone of life for many Horn of Africa peoples living in such countries; taking into consideration that 90% of the affected people are Somalian distributed on these four countries.

As a result of the drought and livestock destruction, a big starvation has occurred and thousands of people living in deserts, whose life depends on animal products, have died. Moreover, crowds of immigrants entered towns and villages in search for food to keep themselves barely alive as they have no shelter, no food or any of life requirements. Thus, there was an urgent need to provide PVC tents in order to accommodate immigrants who lost their huts and cottages.

A Distribution Project of PVC Tents and Blankets among Immigrants

Direct Aid Society – Committee of Muslims of Africa – was one of the first organizations that moved to help the drought-affected people who immigrated from their towns and villages and become refugees in other countries. The Society provided them with foodstuffs necessary to save their lives and PVC tents and blankets to be used as temporary shelters from the heat of the sun and rain. So, 3000 PVC tents and 3000 blankets have been distributed.


A huge number of immigrants from towns and villages who were affected by the drought and lost their huts and cottages has benefited from this project.

Distribution Areas:

PVC tents and blankets have been distributed among these areas:


The number of beneficiaries





















Here is an example of the refugees’ feeling towards the aids. The city of Kertnowary was one of the first cities to which a number of refugees resorted in their very critical state. They put what is left of their belongings in a wide open place where there were no trees; the place was next to the Nutrition Center set up by the Society at the edge of the city. One day, our team headed to those immigrants at midday in order to distribute tents and blankets among them. On their way to the city, unprecedented heavy rain fell; so they hurried to the city although their car slided on the wet road. Once they had arrived, they started distributing the tents and the blankets among those immigrants. The heavy rain continued falling all that night and the following day. But, by the success granted by Allah, Praise be to Him, the immigrants sought protection under the tents, which if they had not been available, a great number of immigrants who suffered from malnutrition could die, according to what had been said by the prominent people and other officials in the region who prayed that Allah may reward the donor who spent his money to rescue those people from death greatly.

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