“The results of Direct Aid Society’s secondary schools in Africa appeared to show the success of its students with high marks, as a result of the developed educational curricula and the administration’s commitment to follow up academic achievement progress and addressing any difficulties may face the educational process”
This was a part of Director General of the Direct Aid Society “Dr. Abdullah Abdulrahman Al-Sumait” statement, that Direct Aid students in Somalia got 3 positions out of the top ten of the country’s 25600 students.

He stressed in his statement Direct Aid dependence on a specialized educational teams using the educational curriculum of each country and developing it with modern educational methods, as well as integrate it with a value-based educational curriculum. He also explained that Society’s 276 educational facilities keen to include the educational and recreational facilities necessary to provide an integrated learning environment that contributes to increasing students’ education achievement level. Adding that the continuous efforts of the educational departments have contributed to the progress of Direct Aid’s schools in their countries year after year, making advanced positions in the general classification of schools.

Direct Aid Society continues to focus on educational projects, which have added a qualitative leap in the poor African communities with more than 90,000 students are currently enrolled in its institutions, in addition to managing four universities that keep upgrading its academic level and expand their fields of specialization and modern facilities.