With the presence of the Chairman of Direct Aid

Direct Aid celebrated this week the passing of 20 years since Simad University was founded in Somalia. More than 6,500 students have graduated from it since.

Simad University sports a high reputation in the midst of the Somalian community, as it offers unique education services not found elsewhere. It also shares relationships with various scientific and research institutions and organizations, as it is an active member of a lot of these local and national organizations.

The university boasts being the best amongst Somalian universities since 2018.

Simad also celebrated graduating its 15th class of 421 students with degrees in Management, Computer Science, Social Sciences, Economics, Law, Education, and Engineering.

Of the people who attended the graduation ceremony was the former President of Somalia, who is an honorary president of the university, the Chairman of Direct Aid, the President of the University Board of Trustees Abdulrahman Saleh Almhailan, and a number of education representatives in Somalia and members of the boards of the university.

Simad University was founded in 1999 as the largest institute to offer college education in Somalia with the help from the offices of Direct Aid there. Its purpose was to fill the void the central government left after its dissolution, and to fulfill the community’s needs.

The first to head the institution was Mr. Hasan Sheikh Mahmood, former President of the Federal Republic of Somalia. The goal of creating the institution was to train the next administrative staff for various public and private organizations after the civil wars; prepare the youth to fulfill the needs of the local job market, while reserving helpful and educational jobs fit for them; prepare and present management workshops for administrative staff in the public and private sector.

And after 11 years of success in their education operations, precisely the 20th of January, 2011, the board of trustees decided to promote the institution to what is currently Simad University.

It is worth mentioning that the university is recognized and registered officially by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Somalia. The university includes nine colleges: College of Administration Sciences, College of Computers, College of Economics, College of Social Sciences, College of Law, College of Education, College of Medicine Sciences, College of Engineering, College of Agriculture, College of Environmental Sciences, and College of Veterinarians, including twenty eight majors.

The university strives to be a leading center in building a graduate who has helpful knowledge and noble manners, a center that offers high quality academic and career programs on all levels. It also endeavors to evolve and spread modern teaching methods, to create a perfect academic environment, and reinforce the knowledge and skills of the students that prepare them to be researchers in various scientific studies that fix national crises. The university works towards acting as a center specializing in training, researching, and consulting.

The number of enrolled students in the previous year 2018/2019 had reached 3,000 students. Male students make up 80% of total students, while female students make up 20%.