Thank you …

Thank you …

Today, another year full of achievements and accomplishments made by the Direct Aid Society comes to end. Such achievements represent the great evidence on the great positive effect made by Direct Aid Society in 2016. This year is a great addition to the Society achievements whereas by the end of this year 2016, Direct Aid Society completed its 36 years since the date of establishment. During these 36 years, Direct Aid Society was keen on accessing and reaching to the most deprived and needy places which suffer from the poverty and exclusion.

Direct Aid Society was founded on a painful reality and improvement opportunities on a fertile and productive land tainted by a lot of difficulties for changing African societies for the better in addition and controlling the ignorance, poverty and diseases. With the bounty of Almighty Allah and then with efforts of the staff working in the society and the support of benefactors and philanthropists, Direct Aid Society continued in achieving its vision and objectives.

Direct Aid Society focused on studying the African reality and its field needs as it exercised all the efforts and used all means to make those African peoples accessed to economic, scientific and cognitive empowerment and to make them self-independents through focusing on education projects which are represented in the public qualitative education, university education and post graduating education. Then, focusing on the water projects comes second. These projects contributed directly and indirectly in controlling ignorance, poverty and diseased in addition to developing the families incomes. Furthermore, Direct Aid Society focused on the health sector through establishment and operation of hospitals, clinics, surgical camping and mobile health camps as the main mission was providing prevention and treatment in the villages which are in need for such services. In respect to the development of poor families’ income, Direct Aid Society has reached an advanced stage in raising the level of poor families’ income through development of small and microenterprises as this contributed in raising the level of workforce with greater efficiency of donations.

Direct Aid Society did not overlook the importance of human resources which it considers them as its greatest treasure. So Direct Aid Society has been keen on recruiting talent from overseas and is also keen on developing the internal competencies by focusing on specialized and general training courses.

In the end, I can only conclude this year by thanking Almighty Allah, then thanking the governmental authorities that were supporting us with its guidance and help in achieving common visions; specifically Ministry of Social Affairs with all its staff working on charity and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and all the concerned staff working in the charity works including the Goodwill Ambassadors in all countries where we operate. Also, thanks should be extended to those who are our motivation toward success and continuity in making good as without their support and trust we were not achieving such success. Then, thanks to all members of Direct Aid Society starting from the Board of Directors to Kuwait Office Staff. Special thanks to those staff working in the field in Africa and Yemen; as sincere supplication shall be extended to all of them.

Best Regards,