“The Al Amal Medical Team” Concludes Works of Fifth Surgical Camp in Djibouti

“The Al Amal Medical Team” Concludes Works of Fifth Surgical Camp in Djibouti

Few days ago and under the sponsorship of Direct Aid Society, Kuwaiti Al Amal Medical Team concludes the works of the fifth surgical camp which was held in Djibouti for consecutive five days during which the doctors of medical team performed 254 surgical operations in seven different specializations. Those operations were distributed among three hospitals in Djibouti; the General Governmental Hospital in which ENT surgeries, general surgery, oncology surgery and endoscopic surgery were performed, Al Rahma Specialist Hospital affiliated to Al-Rhama Society in Kuwait in which surgeries of plastic, congential malformations, burns, pediatric surgeries and pediatric urology were performed and the Italian Hospital in which ophthalmological surgeries were performed. The cost reached 35874 K.D for implementing this camp.

Field Trip.. Preliminary Steps:
The preparations and arrangements for this camp started after completing the fourth surgical camp in Tanzania in May, last year where Djibouti has been chosen to be the headquarter of the camp held in the current year after holding intensive contacts among officials of Direct Aid Society and head of The Al Amal Medical Team, Dr. Hisham Abu Rezk on one hand and Djiboutian Embassy in Kuwait and officials of Ministry of Health in Djibouti on the other hand. The Djiboutian officials welcomed to set up the surgical camp in Djibouti especially after the latest news expressing the success of the previous camps held in the neighbouring African countries. Immediately, both of Dr. Hesham Abo Rizq ,the head of the medical team and Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Rifaee specialist in anaesthetization in the team held an exploratory visit to the Capital, Djibouti where they met the secretary of Ministry of Health.

Field visit .. preparation methods:
Preparations and arrangements for the camp have started since end of the fourth surgical camp in Tanzania in last May whereas Djibouti was chosen to be the headquarter of the camp this year after intensive contacts took place between officials of the Direct Aid Society and Head of Al Amal Medical Team Dr. Hisham Bou Rizk on one hand and the Embassy of Djibouti in Kuwait and Ministry of Health officials in Djibouti on the other hand. Djiboutians Officials showed their welcome for the establishment of the surgical camp in their country, especially after frequency of the news about the success of the earlier camps in neighboring African countries. Dr. Hisham Bou Rizk, Head of The Al Amal Medical Team and Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Rifai, the anesthesia consultant in the team, have immediately made exploratory visit to the capital of Djibouti, where they met Secretary of Ministry of Health of Djibouti and some managers of the governmental and private hospitals and Head of the Office of International Mercey Association, which has been agreed with him to carry out a number of surgeries in the Hospital of Mercy Association in Djibouti. Then; the places, whereas the surgical operation take place and where studies of the actual needs of the camp from the required surgeons and specialities and equipment and necessary medicines.

Preparatory meetings in Kuwait … and agreement on the plan of action:
After the return of Dr. Hisham Bou Rizk & Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Rifai, the medical team held a preparatory meeting during which they put the final arrangements for the camp and they agree on the names of new doctors who will join the team in the specialities of general surgery and surgical oncology and urology surgery of children and identifying names of the anesthesiologists and anesthesia technicians. Also, thereafter, the medical team held several separate meetings with companies sponsoring the camp (Kamidks Company, Al Essa Medical and Sceintific Equipment Co., Yiaco Medical Company, Warehouse Medical Department) to provide medical supplies, medicines and surgical instruments required and necessary for the camp.

Pride Elite of Kuwaiti Young:
This year, The Al Amal Medical Team includes 27 members (7 members extra from the camp of the previous year) as 16 memberrs thereof are physicians who are: Dr. Hisham Bou Rizk, cosmetic surgery consultant and head of the The Al Amal Medical Team & the membership of Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Rifai, anesthesia consultant & Dr. Samir Awad Al Osaimi, General Surgery Specialist & Dr. Abdel Nasser Saeed, Urology Specialist & Dr. Wasmi Al-Fadhli, pediatric surgery consultant & Dr. Mohammad Al Essa, Ear Nose and Throat Surgery Consultant & Dr. Ahdy Bader, cosmetic surgery consultant & Dr. Abdullah Al-Kandari, ophthalmology consultant & Dr. AbdulMohsen Al-Kandari, Family Medicine consultant & Dr. Adnan Alhandal, General Surgery Consultant & Dr. Jassim Al-Hashel, Neurology Consultant & Dr. Ahmed Rashidi specialist surgery and ear nose and throat , d . Mohammed Al-Kandari general surgery specialist , Dr. Hassan Badawi, specialist & Dr. Ahmed Saeed, Anesthesiologist & Dr. Dhia Fathi, Anesthesiologist & Dr. Ikrami Hifnawy, Head of Healthcare in Direct Aid Soceity and 5 nurses who are: Sayed Mohammad Al-Ajrora, Samir Essa Al Aqari, Mohamed Sayed Mohamed, Sherif Mohammed Al-Rifai and Al-Mohammadi Rashad Al Zaki in addition to 3 anesthesia technciains who are: Abdulaziz Abu El-Ghait, Saudi Thabet Mossad Gerges, Rajhonatha Baneyadi & two of Kuwaitis professional photographers who are: Othman Al-Akari and Abdullah Jassim Bouhindi and one administrative supervisor.

Coordination with official authorities:
After the developing a comprehensive vision of how to implement the camp, the Al Amal Medical Team with the participation with the Direct Aid Society coordinated with Ministry of Health of Djibouti whereas the later supplied the physicians team with detailed reports about the cases which are collected in three hospitals where the surgieries will take place. Then, the physicians have studied those cases and arrange them in lists according to its priority and its need in regard to urgent surgery. Also, they coordinated with the ministry to assess the preparations of the three hospitals.
Finalizing the proceedings:
The last step by the physicians prior to their travel is finazling letters of the work tasks of the members of the medical team and getting the travel visas.

Launching the Journey of ” Al Amal “:
The journey started as the physicians team travelled on Friday corresponding 07/03/2014 at the dawn time. The journey lasted for nearly 6 hours through Addis Ababa until they arrived at the airport of Djiboutian capital where they were met by an official delegation headed by the Djiboutian Minister of Health and Director of Mercy Center and director of the Mercy Hospital.

Work since the first day in spite of the difficulties:
Despite the failure of some medical equipment associated with the team at Addis Ababa airport in Ethiopia and the loss of some of the baggage of the medical team, it doesn’t affect them whereas they started the first executive steps of the camp as soon as they arrive at the hotel. After a short break, the medical team held a meeting with the delegation of the Ministry of Health and director of the Mercy Hospital during which the work tasks were distibuted to the three selected hospitals. At the same day, the team visited and inspected the hospital operating rooms and they distributed machines and associated medical devices.

A race against time and commitment to the action Plan:
Starting from Saturday, March 8th 2014 AD and over five consecutive days, Physians team conducted 254 surgeries in various specialities, as members of the Al Amal Medical Team were keen to making physicians and nurses of the three hospitals to attend the surgical operations to transfer the expertise of the medical team to the crew of the local physicians and nurses.

Media Coverage …… Official and Popular Interaction:
Since Al Amal Medical Team arrived Djibouti land, they received welcome, kind face and warm reception by official and popular authorities. In a funny incident during the transport of camp luggages to one of the hospitals, a box was fallen and while the team is not attentive and a passer-by carried it walking nearly four kilometers on his feet until delivered it to the hospital. Officially, Djiboutian presidency thanked the medical team members on their services provided to the people of Djibouti. Djiboutian Minister of Health paid an inspection visit to the hospitals where surgical operations are carried out and ensured the workflow and discussed some technical and medical issues with the medical team members. Also, minister counselor and Djiboutian embassy counselor in Kuwait accompanied permanently the medical team all days of the camp. At the end of the camp, Djiboutian ministry of health convened dinner banquet in honor of the medical team attended by the ministry of health and his counselors when a formal request submitted to Direct Aid Society in order to open a branch in Djibouti. Djiboutian Biologists Society also submitted a Letter of Thanks to Al Amal Medical Team and Direct Aid Society.
On the media side, the official state television presented a camp daily news in the main news bulletin. Also, local newspapers covered the activities of the camp.

Final statistics:
476 cases were examined during the period of the camp including 245 surgical operations were carried out in several different disciplines.
Influential Humanitarian Cases:
Faisal and the longest surgery in the history of Djibouti:
“Faisal” was undergone to the longest surgery in the history of Djibouti as this surgery carried out by Al Amal Medical Team lasted for nearly nine hours. Faisal refused that anesthesiologist performed his tasks until he finished the recitation of the Holy Quran and bedtime remembrances and then he said to the doctor “I am ready, do what you want”. Then, the surgery began.

Child Heba:
She is a girl of 14 years old who had a tumor in the pharynx and larynx continued to grow over time until almost the girl was to lose her life. Although, the surgery seriousness, doctors insisted to carry out this surgery at the last days of the camp. But doctors were surprised before the surgery and after performing necessary medical examinations and analysis that the girl escaped as she felt intense fear. After hours of searching, she was found and made her feels satisfied until she surrendered to doctors who carried out the surgery at 6:00 p.m. although they had an appointment with the minister of health at 8:00 p.m. but they insisted not to go anywhere until they finished the operation. The surgery was a big challenge due to its seriousness and that the patient needed a significant postoperative care. Thanks to Allah, endoscopic lumpectomy was made without the need to open the throat.

On this occasion, Direct Aid Society and Al Amal Medical Team members wish to thank the generous people of Kuwait loving to do good deeds on the ongoing annual support for this camp. Our thanks go to the Ministry of Health of Kuwait, led by Minister of Health and Deputy Minister for their support including medical consumables provided for the camp which was difficult to get except through their benevolent efforts. Also, special thanks go to companies and institutions sponsoring the camp (Chemidex Co., Al Eissa Medical Equipments Importation Co., Yaku Medical Co., Medical Warehouse Management Co.) which have done its best to contribute in supplying and providing the camp with its necessary devices, equipments and medications. Thus, May Allah Reward all who contribute in preparing and executing this charitable medical surgical camp which carries to the world a shining image about the generousity of the people of beloved Kuwait by their funds, efforts and knowledge.