During the visit of the Dr. Abdul-Rahman Saleh Al-Muhailan to the headquarter of Simad University for Administrative development. That university was established by the society of Direct Aid in 1998 as alight candle amidst darkness and wars that was continued in Somalia, that candle was lighted by Dr. Abdul-Rahman  Al Sumait –May Allah heal him- to spread light and to be a complete university includes the following specializations( administration-Accounting-Information Technology). They added the specializations of both economy and education in this year. The university council of trustees that was resided by Dr. -Rahman Saleh Al-Muhailan approved on the opening of a program to high studies in cooperation of OUM University in Malaysia. An around number of 3170 male and female students are studying in Simad University this year. That current headquarter is temporary to prepare the new one, the first step was done by buying the land, its area is 27.000 sq2.