The Direct Aid Society concluded the holy month of Ramadan with good humanitarian achievements that contribute to highlighting the wonderful humanitarian aspect of our country Kuwait, which has made it a symbol of giving and charity spreading the meanings of happiness and joy.

The Society’s achievements during the month included distributing 3.5 million meals to the poor and the needy. More than 70 thousand people have benefited from Zakat al-Fitr. The Society, thanks to God’s help, has achieved the desired goals in the Aoun Campaign (Assistance Campaign) which targeted developmental and educational projects during the past month. Direct aid provides a step towards realizing the vision of the society for a better life for people in Africa and Yemen For the third year respectively, a special campaign was organized in the last ten days of Ramadan in cooperation with the activist Mohammed Al-Hussainan and a group of youth of good, launched a campaign chosen by Hashtag # The Last Ten Projects in the social media, which since its inception, has witnessed a great interaction from the benefactors in Kuwait and the Arab world.

The campaign consisted of a project launched every day in the social media every night and the project is concluded, thanks to God and the good people, in less than two hours. The projects of the previous days included vocational training centers, clinics and deep artesian wells, the construction of classrooms and Quranic schools, two campaigns dedicated to Yemen relief from the spread of the epidemic cholera and the second to deliver water to the villages. The last day of campaigns was a share of the eye camps to combat blindness, announced by all charities during the last ten days, but the interaction of the people of Kuwait was amazing, thanks to God, the country of humanity and tender, which is not rivaled by any other country.

In the context of mentioning of its achievements, the Direct Aid praised the great role played by government agencies that supported this success through its directives and assistance to the Society in achieving common visions, including the Ministries of Social Affairs with all its staff on charitable work, as well as the Foreign Affairs with those concerned with charitable work and good ambassadors in the countries where they work.  This had a direct impact on the achievement of the goals and the speed of completion.

A month of good fortune
The Society will begin to achieve success in new horizons to continue its work, leaving a mark of change in the lives of the poor and the needy.