The Direct Aid Society declared that it sets up many medical camps of all fields and specializations in the African continent. Setting up medical camps is one of the significant forms of relentless continued efforts of the Society to reduce illiteracy,  poverty, and illness in the African communities.

In a press release, The Direct Aid Society stated that it has set up Al-Oyoun Camp in Dese city, which lies about400 kilometersaway from the Ethiopian Capital, Addis Ababa, in Amhara region. This city is populated by Muslims representing 80% of  the total population of the city, 170,000. The medical examination in the camp includes about 8000 patients suffering many health problems.

The Direct Aid Society added that there are 800 surgeries have been performed for poor patients free of charge. These free surgeries have made them happy after many decades of living in darkness simply because they could not undertake the costs of such required surgical operations. In a very influential scene, the patients raised their hands praying for each person has donated for Al-Oyoun Camp, and mainly contributed to healing many of them.

The Direct Aid Society carried out lots of similar projects in different African countries, whereas inEthiopiaalone the Society has established four specialized camps since 2009 till now. The camps witnessed the examination of more than 25,000 patients and performing of up to 2,530 cataract surgeries.