The Direct Aid Society called for providing help for the Somalis as fast as possible, especially for women and children threatened by a humanitarian catastrophe considered as the worst in the history of the Horn of Africa in 60 years.

In a press release, the Society mentioned that it opened nutrition centers for children suffering from malnutrition in Bandar Hospital for Women and Children, which is the only hospital that undertakes this mission in Mogadishu. The Society also decided to provide meals to pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers, pointing out that its initiative came after the field visit made by the Society’s deputy director to Mogadishu and some southern areas, in order to participate in Somalia’s relief supplies last April.

The Society also warned about the catastrophic humanitarian repercussions of the famine to which Somalia is subjected frequently, as a result of the absence of rains in four successive seasons, and the scarcity of rain during spring in April 2011. It also highlighted the fact that the famine that hits the Horn of Africa, including Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia and Djibouti, is regarded as the worst for 60 years, as malnutrition threatens more than 2 million children under five.

The Direct Aid Society added that what intensifies the humanitarian

catastrophe in Somalia is the deterioration of the security situation in the southern areas, especially in  the capital where there were fierce confrontations between parties involved in the civil war. This in turn increased people migration and aggravated their miseries – up to 10000 persons migrate to Kenya every week in the biggest refugee camp in the world. Moreover, The Society exerts great efforts to help the Somali people overcome the famine and malnutrition. There are 20 relief centers affiliated to the Society in Somalia; each center is responsible for feeding 15000 persons every month costing about €12000: a dollar per person to have the adequate needs on a daily basis. Blankets and quilts are given to the deprived families costing $100 per family. The benevolent people who want to help can donate via the Direct Aid Society website:

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