Today, we celebrate with one of the fundamental members of Direct Aid Society, Mrs.

Today, we celebrate with one of the fundamental members of Direct Aid Society, Mrs.

Maali Al Assousi – Director of the Society’s Office in Yemen

Today, Direct Aid Society celebrates the winning of Mrs. Maali Al-Assousi, Director of the Society’s Office in Yemen with the title of Hope Maker within The Hope Makers Initiative launched by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum in Dubai. Mrs. Maali Al-Assousi was selected from between 65 thousand Hope Makers nominated to win the Award. On this occasion, chairman of Direct Aid Society Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Muhailan declared that: Today, we celebrate with the daughter of Direct Aid Society by this worthy winning as she is considered a distinguished model for women in this time and a model preferred to sacrifice all the pleasures of life and chose the pleasure of making others happy.

We are proud of this honoring as part of an international initiative. We are also pleased with its moral value that has confirmed the safety of its humanitarian and charitable work in Yemen to work impartially in order to provide relief to all needy people and to help everyone without discrimination.

The work of Mrs. Maali Al-Assousi, Director of the Society’s Office in Yemen, during the last 10 years in the Republic of Yemen is distinguished with establishing the bases of large developmental projects that contributed in relieving the severe conditions in Yemen today. During her work period, she faced all types of disasters, which humanitarians may face, such as floods, drought, wars, earthquakes that caused a severe shortage of food, drinking water, medicine and all basic elements of life.

We are also proud of Mrs. Maali’s ability in making difference in such conditions through a distinguished institutional administration for the Yemen office as she focused on the sustainable developmental projects that invest the contributors’ donation and contributions in projects with benefits last for a long time and extend beyond. In Direct Aid Society, we congratulate the honorable family of Al-Assousi which supports their virtuous daughter in her work which has been and remains an inspiration to many young people who like to do good deeds in the Arab and Islamic world. We appeal Almighty Allah to make this a reason of spreading new hope makers around the world like to do the good deeds and inspire the hope for sake of the Almighty Allah only.

Mr. Faisal Al-Zamil, a member of the Board of Directors of Direct Aid Society, said that the appreciation of Hope Makers Award to Mrs. Al-Assousi last Thursday among five candidates was a record of a new phenomenon in the humanitarian work, which is the development of role of Arab, Gulf and Kuwaiti women. He continues saying that this role is not new anyway which is transferred through Mrs. Maali Al-Assousi to an advanced phase. The basis of such phase is the “institutional work” which is sustainable, Allah willing, and based on the unlimited sacrifices which molded and embodied by the truly distinguished and distinctive woman.

While honoring Mrs. Al-Assousi, she said that what made her chose to continue living and working in Yemen to improve the lives of Yemeni people, despite of the lack of supply, insecurity and the basic elements of life, is the effect which she sees every day: when the blind sees the light after years of dark, when the girl opens the tap to get fresh and purified water instead of walking for 13 hours a day to get it, the child who was saved after being about to die and enabling many women to learn and get education by providing scholarships. All of the above mentioned made her insist on continuing in the rough road which she has chosen.

She asked the young people not to do-little any action that would serve their community, society, country or any other country.  As total of these works shall make a great difference. She preferred to introduce the Award value as a support for training and qualifying the young cadres to join and execute the humanitarian work.