Zain Company, specialized in providing the mobile services  in Kuwait, announced allocating a financial amount for the project “Waqf to build a mosque) through cooperation with Direct Aid.

In a press statement, the company stated yesterday that the amount allocated includes a participation especially on the part of the employees working in the company who raised the donations in a collective initiative, indicating that the financial amounts allocated for the Waqf will go to the construction a mosque in an African country under the name of the employees in Zain Company.

This came during the meeting  which gathered the leaders of Zain Company and the representatives of  Direct Aid in  the headquarter. It is the meeting  in which the company identified the big efforts exerted by the society inside Kuwait and outside it.

“Zain Company knows the volume of  its  social commitments very well. In this respect, it is keen on intensifying a big part of its social programs to pay attention to the sides through which it participates with the society”  executive chairman in Zain Kuwait, Khaled Al Hajeri said.

“ according to  this orientation which has been reflected on the vision and notion of its employees, the company employees conducted a collective initiative to enhance this trend, explaining that the initiative indicates full awareness  about the job cadre in the company and reflects to what extent the cadre  is committed to the  message required from a big institution such as Zain”. He added

He indicated that the amount the company donated by a big participation of its employees is nothing but a real translation of its objectives  in supporting and enhancing the authorities and societies    which provide help to the peoples and communities, explaining that the company has record full with its social participation especially when took the first initiative in the private sector by donating the first specialized hospital affiliating to the Ministry of Health, Zain Otolaryngology Hospital.

Al Hajeri assured that “Zain” will continue in applying its social programs which it considers as a real nucleus for its participation with all the social categories with their various tendencies and orientations, indicating that the company shoulders a big responsibility because it is one of the biggest companies in the region. It performs its social message efficiently because it is convinced with the importance of this role in enhancing the relationship between the company and the community.

On his part, manager of Resources Development and Public Relations Department in the Direct Aid , Sulieman Sultan Al Ajmi, expressed the importance found by the society on the part of the executive chairman in Zain Khaled Al Hajeri and a group of the company leaders during the last visit to receive the donation amounts.

“ the employees of Zain Company paid  an honorable attention and conducted a human initiative to help the needy and the poor in Africa, feeling what the black continent suffers of poverty, ignorance and disease” he said, explaining that the company has conducted a communication with the Direct Aid  to know the sides of need to donation. There was an agreement that the donation shall be allocated to build a mosque in a poor village in Africa.