Achievements of the Society:

  • Financially support more than 2,000 teachers.
  • Maintaining more than 74,457 orphans. Number of our orphans became physicians, engineers, lawyers who hold high positions in their states. Those orphans lived in the cultural and social centers of the society and under the
  • Supervision of modern educational and instructional cadres.
  • Paying the academic fees for more than 7,775 students in university studies.
  • Constructing and operating 4 hospitals.
  • Constructing and operating 260 clinics.
  • Establishment, and management of 296 regular schools from kindergarten till high school.
  • Establishment more than 5,094 mosque in the different African countries.
  • Digging more than 20,306 of surface and artesian water wells to provide the clean water to the population of villages and poor areas.
  • Establishment of 4 broadcasting stations in Africa and running 2,496 of broadcasting programs in 19 countries.
  • Establishment and running of 36 religious institutes.
  • Implementation of more than 2,419 health programs (surgery camps- eyes camps-vaccination campaign- circumcision- medical caravan).
  • Sending of 590 thousand tones of aid, medicines, food and clothes.
  • Total development projects 14,072 for the benefit of the poor families.
  • Establishment and running of 63 centers for training and habilitation of women.
  • Establishment and running of 4 universities including several academic specializations.
  • Establishing several air relief bridges to convey the urgent aids to the areas of drought and poverty throughout the African countries
  • There are 7295 employees belonging to the Direct Aid Society, 176 employees of whom are working in Kuwait while the other are working in the offices of the Society in the African countries and Yemen.

Direct Aid Nationally and Internationally:

With diplomatic identity in a number of countries by virtue of agreements with the Ministries of Foreign Affairs in these countries.

The Direct Aid is a member and partner with the following organizations:

  • Islamic and Development Bank
  • Union of NGOs in the Islamic World – Membership
  • Kuwait Red Crescent Society
  • Turkish Red Crescent Society
  • Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development
  • Doctors Around the World YERYÜZÜ DOKTORLARI
  • Hayrat Aid
  • World Federation of Islamic Organizations
  • United Muslim Relief
  • Cancer Control Gulf Federation (GFFCC)
  • United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF)
  • Islamic Relief Worldwide

The Direct Aid Society obtained prizes in its individual capacity or represented by the identity of Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Sumait

  • Medal of presidents of GCC countries held in Muscat for the charity work 1986.
  • Prize of King Faisal Ben Abdulaziz, God have mercy on him, for service of Islam and Muslims in 1996.
  • Trophy of Ministry of Social Affairs in Kuwait in 1997.
  • Trophy of the Medical Kuwait Society 1997.
  • Trophy of the Kuwait Scout 1998.
  • Medal of GCC for the service of Scout Movement 1999.
  • Medal of the two Niles of First Class from the Republic of Sudan 1999.
  • Prize of Sharjah for voluntary work 2008.
  • The second place in Middle East Forbes Prize for the most transparent societies 2011.
  • First place in Kuwait Electronic Prize contest for the best website 2012.
  • Distinction Prize in orphans care in the GCC countries (Kafel) 2014 presented by the Social Responsibility Regional Network in the Kingdom of Bahrain in cooperation with the United Nations Organization, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and other organizations.
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