Al Sadakah School, Affiliating to Direct Aid, Wins Certificate of Merit

Al Sadakah School, Affiliating to Direct Aid, Wins Certificate of Merit

16 years after establishment 

In Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso, Al Sadakah School, affiliating to Direct Aid, has won Certificate of Merit issued by Bobo Educational Area 7, west of Burkina Faso for the first time after 16 years of establishing the school that has nearly 380 male and female students.

In the evaluation competition, twenty schools, affiliating to the educational area, have participated. Out of them, Al Sandakan School has got Certificate of Merit due to achieving the highest ratio of success in the elementary grade that reached 97.44%, as 38 out of 39 students in the six elementary grade have succeeded, while only one student failed because of sickness.

On this occasion, General Manager, Dr. Abdulrahman Al Sumait, stated that this great honor reflects the large efforts exerted by the school’s manager, Yousef Ben Baghdad after undertaking the administration of the school, along with the efforts exerted by appreciated efforts exerted by the schools staff.

“This honor is a direct honor for the noble donors who didn’t save effort to provide all the cash and in-kind support and assistance to Direct Aid to build scientific places and educational centers, along with the hospitals and various charitable deeds, asking Allah, the Almighty God, to keep these good deeds for them and maximize their rewards in both life and hereafter.”, Al Sumit added.

Al Sumit also assured that this honor reflects success of Direct Aid’s strategy that is based on fighting ignorance, poverty and disease in the African communities, in the way that enhances the actual development opportunities for these communities through the self development, as the next generations will be responsible for construction and development in the country and they will not need any assistance, however they will be ready to provide help to others as the charitable people have done with them and provided them with science to be as strong basis for the permanent development in any community.

The honor has also included providing a certificate of appreciation to the school’s manager who has exerted large efforts to make the school restore its actual level, along with providing a certificate of appreciation to the teacher of sixth grade in the school.