Ambassador: Mo’men: “Direct Aid” is the light of humanitarian work in Africa

Ambassador: Mo’men: “Direct Aid” is the light of humanitarian work in Africa

Djibouti Embassy honours 6th Amal Medical Team
Mr. Ali Mo’men, ambassador of Djibouti Embassy in the State of Kuwait, appreciated the efforts of Direct Aid Society which took the lead in feeling the suffering and addressing the problems of the African continent including poverty, ignorance and diseases and then tackling them and promptly extending helping hand and human health, educational, living and other aids to these peoples in order to mitigate the serious suffering and challenges sweeping across the continent, emphasizing on the positive and effective role played by the State of Kuwait and some humanitarian organizations and Kuwaiti charities led by “Direct Aid” with respect to provide all kinds of aids and establish many infrastructure projects for African countries and peoples. He added that this is familiar from the people whose Emir is HH Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmed Al Jaber Al Sabah (May Allah Protect and Bless him), leader of humanitarian work and Capital is the center of humanitarian work especially that our brotherly Kuwaiti people is accustomed with good deeds since the establishment of the State of Kuwait.

This was stated in the speech by the ambassador delivered on the sidelines of the banquet held on the last Saturday in Al Nakheel Hotel in the honor of Al Amal Medical Team who paid a visit to Republic of Djibouti for two consecutive years and in recognition of the considerable effort exerted by the team members for the provision of various medical aids for beneficiaries and needy people as well as performing many surgical operations by specialized doctors in various fields and helping those patients move forward in their lives after continued recovery.

Ambassador/ Mo’men added that Direct Aid Society is familiar with such aids as it permanently provides the aids and assistances for their brothers in all areas of Africa, especially Republic of Djibouti, and represents a light in the humanitarian work by its founder Dr. Abdul Rahman Samit (May Allah Bless his soul). This significant honor is made to extend thanks and acknowledgment for the sincere efforts exerted by the society and 5th and 6th Al Amal Medical Teams in accordance with the prophetic tradition “He has not thanked Allah who has not thanked people”. Then, Ambassador/ Mo’men presented memorial shield to the representative of “Direct Aid” and representative of Al Amal Medical Team/ Dr. Hisham Bou Razq in recognition of the efforts exerted by the medical team involved in Al Amal camp and save the lives of hundreds of Djibouti People and provide them with care and all medical supplies. The ambassador expressed his wishes to see an office for Direct Aid in his capital which would raise the level of cooperation between the two sides.

In addition to the team members, this ceremony was attended by some embassy staff, number of invitees and some representatives of charities in Kuwait including Mercy International Association.

It is worth to mention that Direct Aid Society has established a number of Al Amal Medical Camps in Kenya, Gambia and Somalia as well as the 5th and 6th Medical Camps in Brotherly Republic of Djibouti in 2014-2015 in order to achieve its goals and in line with its strategy in the fight against poverty, ignorance and disease on the continent of Africa, provide different medical aids for beneficiaries and needy people and perform surgical operations by specialized doctors in different fields and distribute medical glasses and medications in order to alleviate the suffering of patients.