Ambassador of Burkina Faso visited Direct Aid Society

Ambassador of Burkina Faso visited Direct Aid Society

For giving thanks for its distinctive charity

In appreciation for the great efforts exerted by Direct Aid Society in Burkina Faso at the health, educational, developmental and relief levels, Ambassador of Burkina Faso in the State of Kuwait, Abu Baker Koty, has paid a visit to the premises of the society in the State of Kuwait to give thanks for all employees in the society for their distinctive efforts in Burkina Faso which contributes alleviating the suffering of the poor and patients and enhancing the developmental reality in the African communities in general.

The ambassador was greeted by director of cultural management and human resources development, director of the Department of Social Welfare, Donors Service Adviser MR. Saad Al Arify and Head of Sector West Mr. Tareq Fahim.

On this occasion, the ambassador said that Direct Aid Society “provides services for the People of Burkina Faso and makes greater efforts in several countries and our meeting with the president of Direct Aid Society is a source of pride” stressing the need to develop the support in the education and health file and this according to the plan of Direct Aid Society over the next three years.

It is worth to mention that Direct Aid Society in Burkina Faso takes care of 1400 orphans and provide educational services for about 000 students in Direct Aid Schools in addition to the health and relief activity and many water projects. This urges the government of Burkina Faso to appreciate Direct Aid’s activity during 2015 by awarding it – the Order of Knight – which is the highest order at the State level.