Direct Aid Society implemented in collaboration with the World Assembly of Youth its annual 14th surgical Camp in the Comoros.

The camp lasted for 12 days during which 1870 medical cases were examined, 362 surgeries conducted and more than 10 cases, including large and dangerous operations all had been successful – the grace of Allah -, Also more than 900 kg of camp supply of medicine was distributed to patients.

After obtaining the necessary licenses for the establishment of the camp from official authorities in the state, the medical examinations and procedures were divided between Huambo and Domoney hospitals in Anjouan and Ngazidja Island.

The medical team working in the camp consists of 16 volunteer doctors from several different Arab nationalities and the presence of the Director of Direct Aid Office in Comoros and an official of the Society’s peace center there, who took over responsibility for the arrangement, coordination and supervision of the camp.

A preparation and processing period preceded the camp implementation during which to obtain the necessary permits and arrange an advertising campaign on government radio and television and private radio stations in Grande Comore island in addition to the distribution of posters in mosques and public places and sending more than 400,000 text message to mobile phones through telecom networks in the state.

The camp also received good media coverage from television, radio and newspapers in the Comoros over the days of implementation. Moreover, The medical team has also met wide attention and great care from government officials and popular leaders of the country where they were received and farewell in the VIP lounge at the Prince Said Ibrahim Airport, as the local authorities in Huambo and Domoney cities organized a dinner in honor of the medical team to celebrate their achievements and giving them souvenirs. Furthermore, the Saudi ambassador in Comoros has also organized another dinner for the medical team in appreciation to their charitable efforts and achievement to this camp work. Prior to travel, Direct Aid Society office organized an honoring ceremony to the medical team that was attended by some senior officials in the State and Heads of Arab organizations working in the Comoros.

The medical team also distributed some souvenirs including parts of the Quran, clothes and hats to the patients who have been in surgical procedures. The team organized a Quran contest at a mosque and presented gifts to the winners.

On the medical side, the team has been keen on the participation of a number of local doctors in the camp to gain practical experience in conducting various surgeries.

It is noteworthy that Direct Aid Society operates annually nearly 650 programs and health activity which includes 34 camps for the treatment of eye diseases and surgeries, and two expanded surgical camps through which nearly 400 procedure is conducted in different disciplines, one of them is this camp and the second is Al-Amal surgical camp, which consists of a Kuwaiti volunteer medical team containing a group of consultants in several vital surgical specialties, that is held every year in a different country.

Those surgical camps are an important opportunity to train local doctors in Africa on how to perform complex surgery and access to the latest medical equipment and means.