Direct Aid distributed containers of dates on all areas of Kenya

Direct Aid distributed containers of dates on all areas of Kenya

Within the Multiple Events in the Month of Ramadan

According to the strategy of seasonal projects carried out yearly in the month of Ramadan, the Direct Aid Society distributed five containers of dates, by which all regions and provinces of Kenya had benefited.

The ceremony of receiving dates containers witnessed a great formal presence that included the Kuwaiti ambassador in Kenya Qusay Rashid al-Farhan, a member of the ruling majority party in the Kenyan parliament Adam Daali, and the former Defense Minister Senator Mohammad Yousef Haj, more than 50 members of the Kenyan Parliament, as well as a number of heads of Islamic institutions and dignitaries of the country.

On this occasion, the Kuwaiti ambassador Qusay al-Farhan praised the relationship between the two countries and the role and efforts of Direct Aid Society in Kenya and in Africa, pointing to the achievements of the great Association, represented in building mosques, digging wells, orphan sponsorship, building model schools and concerning about education at all levels from primary to university.

For his part, Adam Daali, a member of the ruling majority party, said that what is offered by Direct Aid Society represented in tremendous effort in the human development of Kenya is an integrated and deliberate efforts, “And we hope all organizations and non-governmental institutions do the same, especially in the term of education”, pointing to Umma University as one of the unique facilities of Direct Aid Society. This university is considered to be a precious treasure upon which the organizers of this Association, donors and philanthropists will be rewarded. This generosity is known of the Kuwaiti people. He added “As we see today from the generous donation of these dates and the Iftars provided to Muslims in Kenya are a perfect example for the great services offered by the Association to this country.”

In his turn, Dr. Ismail Hassan Hussein the director of the office of the Direct Aid in Kenia, thanked the Ambassador and all members of the parliament for their attendance and participation, noting that the African people in general and the people of Kenya in particular “Express their thanks together with gratitude and appreciation addressed to all philanthropists for their generous hands and great souls that are seeking for pleasing of poor, needy and orphan people. They also participate in building houses stating the name of God, and schools and educational institutions that teach the children the doctrine of Islam. He concluded with praying for the founder of Direct Aid Society Late His Highness Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Sumait, the initiator of the march of good in Africa, God’s mercy and May He rest his soul in the highest paradise.