To meet the needs of more than 31 thousand needy in the secretariat of Yemeni capital.

Direct Aid Society-Yemen Office launched its Ramadan campaign in Yemen under the banner of “Ramadan hope basket in the secretariat of the Yemeni capital on Sunday, June 12, 2016. This is in coordination with the local authority, the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, the Office of Social Affairs and Labor in Sana’a, as well as the operational unit for the management of the displaced. The implementation of the campaign is done by the participations of (28) governmental centers and civil society organizations to meet the needs of more than (31 thousand) of in need and displaced people. The campaign will run from the seventh of Ramadan until the end of the holy month.

On this occasion, the director of the office of Direct Aid Society in Yemen, Maali Saud Al-Asousi, said that the plan of the Association for the year 2016 includes undertaking various humanitarian, charitable and seasonal campaigns. This campaign comes as a response to the appeal of our brothers in Yemen due to the difficult circumstances they are going through. She stressed that these activities are directed to cover a lot of human cases of displaced, AIDS disease, widows, divorcees, orphans as well as people with special needs. This campaigns focus particularly on children with cerebral palsy, blind and other groups owed to support.

Al-Asousi added that this campaign comes after several relief and seasonal campaigns carried out by the Direct Aid in several governorates of Yemen. Most recently in Hodeida governorate, where more than (120 thousand) people benefited from the campaigns until June 2016.

Al-Asousi explained that the campaign includes the distribution of 6,000 food baskets. Each basket contains (25 kg) of flour, (10 kg) of sugar, (20 kg) of rice, (4 liter) of oil, (1 kilo) of milk and (2 kg) of dates, in addition to Iftar meals that are enough for (1000) of fasters during the Holy month.
This campaign witnessed various participations of National Yemeni Midwives Association, Association of Health and Social Aid, Khadija’s Foundation for National Development, National Foundation for Development and humanitarian responding, Foundation of the right to life for the children of Cerebral Palsy, Yemeni Association for the care and rehabilitation of the blind, Foundation of “Take My hand” development and charity, Belgis Foundation for Development, Nustijma Development Corporation, Wojouh Foundation for Media and Development, Feminism Echo Association, The Association of Sanaa for social development, Foundation of Salam for humanitarian response, Zahret Almadaen charitable Association, Joud Al-Rahma Association, National Foundation for Relief and Development, The Sustainable Development Foundation, Sama Yemen developmental Foundation, Global Change-makers Association, Bonian Social Association, Aman Association for female  blind care, Roufaqaa Association for Human Development, Rahma Foundation for Human Development, House of Social Guidance- Sons, Psychological Conditions Center, House of Hope for Girls, Peace Society for the care and rehabilitation of the disabled and Home of Orphans.

Al- Asousi concluded with appealing to international and local organizations to intensify relief and humanitarian efforts to support the needy and those affected and displaced by the difficult humanitarian situation, which is going through Yemen and especially in the holy month of Ramadan. This difficult humanitarian situation is represented in lack of oil derivatives, 100% rising in prices, lack of job opportunities and the reluctance of many companies and institutions for work due to the current situation, indicating that religious and humanitarian duty “requires us to rally around our brothers in Yemen and help with all sorts of possible ways. Al-Asousi directed her thanks to the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation and the Office of Social Affairs and Labor in Sana’a -Yemen and the local authority and unity of the Executive to manage the displaced for their facility of the procedures to establish “Ramadan Hope Basket” campaign and Iftar Saim (meals for fasters). She also thanked the government centers and civil society organizations that participated in the delivery of good to those who deserve.

It worth mentioning that Direct Aid Society has been working in the humanitarian aspects in the continent of Africa thirty years ago and has 30 branches in African countries as well as Yemen’s Office. Yemen is the first country in the Arabian Peninsula that witnessed the activities of Direct Aid. Direct Aid Society seeks to focus on several aspects, especially the health aspect, water services, the fight against poverty, developing human resources and creating a spirit of cooperation and creativity.