Direct Aid launches third free medical camp in Yemeni Ibb

Direct Aid launches third free medical camp in Yemeni Ibb

To remove the white water and planting lenses

Yemeni office launches at the Direct Aid Society, “The third free medical Alnoor camp ” to remove the white water and planting lenses” on Monday, August 1, 2016 in the governorate of Ibb. The camp will be implemented by “Medical Compassion Institution” with finance by “Islamic Welfare Society”, and Ahmad Khaled Mosaed Al-Kulaib by participation of the World Sight Charity Foundation and the Jablah General Hospital with coordination with “”Planning and International Cooperation Office” and “Health and Population Office” and the “Local Authority” in the governorate. The camp will continue until August 6, 2016.

On this occasion, director general of the Direct Aid Society , Dr. Abdullah Al-Sumait said that what Direct Aid Society does in Yemen like the medical humanitarian and relief campaigns falls under the humanitarian and charity framework in all places accessed by the Society in Africa and Yemen, stressing that the Society was able with God’s help and generosity of the esteemed donors and the efforts of employees inside the Society to achieve the important achievements which eased the suffering of the Yemeni people in the light of the difficult circumstances in their country such as wars and conflicts that have led to the deterioration of the economic situation and therefore health, education and standard of living in general.

On her part, Her Excllency Mrs. Saud Al Asousi, Director of Yemen Office related to Direct Aid Society said that: (This camp is the third one since the date of establishment of Direct Aid Society Office in Yemen and the second one throughout this year. Actually, it is held in alignment with the plan adopted by Direct Aid Society for this year and in line with Yemen’s strategy to control blindness in addition to the great need experienced by Ibb Governorate whereas a lot of displaced people of neighboring governorates are staying there.

HE added “The camp strives for orphan children, people with special needs, displaced persons and the elderly stressing that Direct Aid Society will execute several medical camps during the next period in cooperation and in partnership with government authorities and civil society organizations in the governorates which suffer from the lack of the most basic health services.

Al-Asousi concluded by praising the tremendous efforts made by them and by the regional and local partners mainly “the Islamic Welfare Association” and Ahmad Khaled Musaied Al-Kulaib from State of Kuwait for their contribution in funding the camp, in addition to the local partners, most notably the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, the local authority and the Ministry of Public Health and Population represented by  Health Office to maintain their coordination and facilitation for procedures of the camp process, He also thanked the authorities executing the camp represented by “Compassion Medical Foundation”, “Al-BasrWorld Charity Foundation” and “General Hebila Hospital”.

In his turn, the field coordinator of the camp, Shaza Abu Talib, said that Direct Aid Society is keen on implementation of the medical camps to control eye diseases in the Yemeni governorates that suffer from the lack of most basic health services, noting that this camp strives for examining more than 4,000 persons suffer from different eye diseases in addition to providing treatments for more of 500 persons in addition to processing 400 surgical operations for treating cataracts  and planting lenses.

It is worth mentioning that the Direct Aid Society is working in the humanitarian aspects in the continent of Africa since thirty years as it has 30 branches. Yemen is the first country in the Arabian Peninsula where Direct Aid Society operates as it seeks to focus on several aspects; most importantly the health aspect and water services, controlling the poverty, developing the human resources and creating the spirit of cooperation and creativity.