“Direct Aid” lunched “the Medical Camp of Al-Noor Convoys” to control blindness

“Direct Aid” lunched “the Medical Camp of Al-Noor Convoys” to control blindness

Yemen Office at Direct Aid lunched “the Medical Camp of Al-Noor Convoys” to remove cataract and implant lenses on Sunday, November 29, 2015, in Mahaweet, funded by “Islamic Welfare Association” and benefactors from Kuwait, and implemented by “Nebras Health Society” in collaboration with the Health and Population Office in the governorate. The camp lasts untill December 4, 2015.

On this occasion, Director General of Direct Aid Association, Dr. Abdullah Abdul Rahman Al-Sumait said that this camp is a link in the chain of events and activities undertaken by the association in the Republic of Yemen to alleviate the large burdens which our brothers in Yemen suffered from. He also pointed out that “Direct Aid” made from less than a month campaigns to distribute “dates” and “water filters” in several Yemeni provinces, thereby achieving the association’s principle of fighting poverty, ignorance and disease in the affected communities, asking from Allah the Almighty to bless entire humanity around the world with peace, safety and health because Direct Aid Association starts from human and ends at human, as well as it makes every effort with benefactors to help people and provide a helping hand to them.

For her part, Maali Alasousi, director of Yemen Office, said that “Direct Aid” seeks at the present time to focus on the health projects because they are the most needed and necessary due to the deterioration of the health situation in Yemen. According to the study conducted recently by the Ministry of Health in Yemen, near 64% of the population lack to primary health services, noting the leading role of Direct Aid in fighting blindness in Africa.

Maali Alasousi added that this is the first camp established by Direct Aid in Yemen, according to the study approved to pass the plan of Prevention of Blindness camps in the Republic, pointing out that the number of wait states is up to 75000 thousand cases a year in need for surgical operations and total of surgical operations that government and private agencies does not exceed 5000 operation a year, making the situation worse and accumulating cases need surgery. She confirmed that Direct Aid Office in Yemen is knee to consolidate partnerships with government agencies, represented by “the Ministry of Public Health and Population,” and local and international organizations to implement its health activities and projects in the coming period.

Also Shaza Abu Talib, the coordinator of “the Medical Camp of Al-Noor Convoys” to remove cataract and implant lenses, said that the staff of Yemen Office will participate in supervising all phases of preparation and processing of the camp, as well as the Media Documentation to convey the real health situation of suffering in Yemen, explaining that this camp aims to receive 4500 cases of different ophthalmic diseases, also 4000 cases will be examined and previewed and provide medications for more than 450 cases, in addition to operate 450 surgeries to remove cataract and implant lenses, noting that other ophthalmic medical camps will be executed in 2016.

Noteworthy that Direct Aid is a voluntary non-governmental organization, established by individual effort of the late His Highness Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Sumait in 1981, and then shifted to active and fruitful institutional work. It is also an association which provides unconditional continuous liberality 30 years ago in 30 African countries, targeting with its work and charity projects to develop the African less fortunate communities and the most needed social groups, sick people, orphans and victims of disasters and famines, as well as to carry out the activities of kindness and goodness, until it became one of the major charitable organizations in the Muslim world and a pioneer in establishing of small endowment projects.

Direct Aid also is considered a leader charitable association which uses the modern technology that makes it easier for the donors to follow-up their works and to donate electronically via its available application on smart phones or via its website which is a winner of “Kuwait eContent Award”.