Prof. /Al-Mihlan: we have a clear accounting and financial system supervised by “ministry of labors and social affairs”
Al-Jaser: we look forward to a further cooperation on the social side,and our training center facilitated qualification process.
Qumber: we have a distinguished operation center for collecting data and statistics of disasters on the gulf countries level.
Toby lanzor: we would like to participate in regular meetings to unify efforts and common plans.

Last Tuesday, “ a round table meeting was held for discussing human needs in African coast countries”, at Direct Aid head quarter, by the attendance of prof./ Abdulrahman Al-Mihlan Direct Aid Chairman and prof. / Abdullah Al-Sumit- Direct Aids GM, Abdullatif Aroho- planning and higher Education Manager, Maki Bukhaliq- Head Of African Coast Countries in the organization, and numbers of managers and representatives of organizations and Kuwait charity societies, Toby Lanzor UN secretary general assistant and African coast human affairs coordinators (OCHA), and numbers of regional humanitarian affairs coordination representatives in African coast area (OCHA) .

At the beginning of meeting Prof./ Mihlan welcomed attendance, and pointed to the importance of holding such meetings which support and enhance partnership among charitable organizations and societies from one hand, and UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs for African coast countries on the other hand (OCHA), in order to set a Common strategy coordinating efforts and different assistance which are presented by other organizations and societies for many countries around the world, to address such efforts not going for nothing, and to deliver these aids to eligible individuals ASAP with best quality and less cost.

On his part, UN undersecretary and (OCHA) coordinator for African coast countries Toby Lanzor confirmed on the necessity and support of partnership among Kuwait charitable organizations and societies to handle human status in African coast nine countries, in consideration of assistance and food, health and educational aids and others needed.

Also, Lanzordis reviewed numbers of experiences that he had passed through with Mrs. /Crestina Hamster UN General Secretary Assistant within their meetings with the representatives of charitable organization and societies around the world, pointing to the essential role played by Kuwait charitable organizations in presenting different types of assistance and aids for the world countries specially the most poor African countries. Saying that internal violence and conflict hitting African countries limits our role as a UN Organization to stop such conflicts, wars and to deliver these aids to the peoples of unsettled countries which need our assistance to face such dangerous challenges spread within their boundaries, then decrease the suffering of those peoples crushed by absolute poverty in consideration to economic problems as a result of investment weakness and climate change effects which assist in creating poverty and dryness or the destructive floods, the matter impacts on countries’ resources.

Prof./ Al-Mihlan commented on lanzer’s speaking, confirming on the positive and effective role made by Kuwait charitable organizations to produce different kinds of support and humanitarian aids including food, health and educational aids and others required to African countries in general and coast countries on particular.

Prof. / Abdullah Al-Sumit Direct Aids GM made a presentation about organization activities and events in numbers of African countries, and the projects presented by Direct Aids to enhance the development and preparing of the infrastructure for such countries, in addition to immediate aids, small businesses, training and all kinds of professional qualifications.

On his side, Ahmad Saad Aljasser/ Al-Najat charitable society chairman displayed numbers of projects and assistance achieved by “Al-Najat” around the worldand African countriesin particular, and represented in qualification and training of unemployed persons to assist them in their professions.

Also, the chairman of world Rahma Society African Sector/ Saad Marzouq Aloteibi spoke about assistance and aids produced to the African countries, in additionto productive and educational projects and others.

On the same context, Mr. / Mostafa Abdulhamid representative of Abdullah Al-Nori charitable Society explained the importance and support of partnership among Kuwait organizations and societies, confirming that the society is pioneered in presenting aids and assistance for African countries.

After that, Jassem Qumber Disasters Dept. Coordinator of Kuwait Red Crescent, explained the role of society in presenting assistance and enhancement whether as food, medical or aids in kind for all world countries and African countries in particular, in addition to present assistance and aids for orphans and poorer persons in such countries, declaring that however all aids and assistance made by charitable organizations but we still in need to prepare long term strategy and create infrastructure for such countries, then establishing long term investments for facing a lot of disasters and emergent cases ASAP.

On his part, world Islamic charitable organization general manager confirmed on the importance of enhancing and supporting the partnership among a lot organizations and Kuwait humanitarian organizations on one hand, and international organizations on another hand to coordinate the works and presenting assistance and different projects in a number of African countries for facing poverty, ignorance and diseases, and to distribute these projects and aids on countries according to the needs of every country, pointing to the cooperation of direct aid with charitable authority in the last aids presented to Sierra Leone, confirming that authority activity is extending across regions in Africa, Asia and Europe. The size of these aids reached a billion of dollars since its establishment.

The second session was a discussion seminar around the cooperation and identifying the opportunities of companies to work together in the coast of African region, pointing to the challenges and difficulties relevant to information interchange and cooperation among organizations and humanitarian societies, in addition to the resources and building abilities for identifying the suitable goals and establishing companies contribute in a good response for crises and challenges facing African coast countries.

Then the attendees discussed in details numbers of tasks and projects made by them in many countries particularly African countries, and all of them have a common desire to enhance and support the cooperation and coordination of human efforts and affairs for the African coast countries, by the cooperation with OCHA.