“Direct Aid” Organized a meeting for Scholarship students in Kuwait

“Direct Aid” Organized a meeting for Scholarship students in Kuwait

Direct Aid Society Cultural Management division organized a meeting with African scholars studying in Kuwait including 15 scholars studying in the religious studies institute by a grant from the Kuwait National Committee for Education, Science and Culture and the nomination of Direct Aid Society.

The meeting was held at the Society’s headquarters in the presence of Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Sayed, Cultural Management Director and head of educational welfare department, along with heads of Direct Aid Society geographical segments, and the student’s supervisor in the religious studies institute, Mr. Yasser Al-Asar.

Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Sayed urged the students in his speech to hold on to the opportunity granted to them by Direct Aid Society to complete their education in Kuwait, and that the Society is fully prepared to cooperate with them and support them in any future projects that serve their communities, whether in summer vacations or after completing their studies.

From his part, the head of educational welfare department, Abdul Rahman Al-Sayed welcomed the students and showed them the various work and activities of Direct Aid Society and its locations in African countries. In addition, he invited them to continue communication with the Society in Kuwait and its branches in their countries, and encouraged them to strive in educational achievement and academic excellence due to their country needs for qualified scientific cadres.

Students have participated in many discussions and raised some important questions about the Society’s activities in Africa, and expressed remarkable enthusiasm in future cooperation with the Society offices in their countries. Furthermore, the students expressed their appreciation and gratitude to Direct Aid Society for their efforts towards them and all the African people’s, and promised that they will be on the covenant, as a committed students, morally, behaviorally, and academically excellent.

At the end of the meeting, the Society made a number of symbolic gifts for the students as an expression of pride in them and urged them to continue their education.

On the other hand, it is noteworthy that Direct Aid puts education at the top of its strategic priorities in Africa In addition to its support for scholarships and researches in various educational levels and graduate studies, as it owns and operates nearly 250 schools and has three universities and seeking to open a fourth university.