Direct Aid provides rescue aids to the floods –affected people in Ghana.

Direct Aid provides rescue aids to the floods –affected people in Ghana.

Direct aids has provided humanitarian aids to rescue more than 1000 families affected by floods that recently hit a number of territories in Ghana, including the capital Accra and both provinces of Volta and Ashanti.

The provided aids included food baskets consisting of grains, legumes, oil, and sugar, along with the blankets, mattresses and medicines.

Many organizations, international entities and chartable societies have exerted large efforts to alleviate the effects caused by these floods, leaving 150 persons dead and more than 53000 person negatively affected pursuant to the statistics issued by National Crisis Office. However, direct aid was the only Arab Islamic Chartable Society that has exerted large efforts in that crisis.

In an official statement in this regard, Minister of Social Affairs & Children Care in Ghana said “We have received many aids from friends and different societies, however Kuwaiti Direct Aid is the leading society until now with regard to the quantity, quality or type of aids and humanitarian rescue”. Direct Aid has also coordinated with the Ministry and National Crisis Office in Ghana Government to choose the highly – affected places or families.

Some Governmental Officials of the concerned ministries have attended and took part in distributing the aids. Moreover, the police has provided direct supervision and the necessary protection during the process of transportation and distribution.

This event has drawn the attention of the local audio and video media. The news was published in many printed newspapers.

Direct Aid office always interests in establishing kind relationships with all the Ghanaian officials and inviting them, from time to time, to visit Direct Aid’s centers and participate in the seasonal activities and developmental and educational programs.

On its part, the government has praised the role undertaken by Direct Aid in providing the rescue and humanitarian aids to all Ghana people with no discrimination between Muslims or non Muslims. In an statement, the government has called upon all the effective institutions to provide additional aids to 5000 family of the floods victims who didn’t receive any aids until now.

It is mentioned that Direct Aid provides studied rescues that meet all the actual needs of those affected, including foodstuffs, medicines for the patients, clothes for the refugees and emigrants and building materials for those affected by the floods and extends water to the drought places, which is the focus of the general strategy and vision of Direct Aid to fight poverty, ignorance and disease and provide distinctive services in the fields of rescue, health and education.