Direct Aid , through the last few days, carried out urgent rescue those affected from the drought wave that hit “Beidow” area in Bai Governorate, south of Somalia. Such rescue included the foodstuffs provided to 500 family of the affected people ( Nearly ,2500 person)

” Biedow” needs many educational and health services as it is one of the dangerous areas that can’t be reached easily due to the armed clashes occurring there, the matter that resulted in the emigration of the majority of its population to the edges of the city to be safe.

In this area, there are many families that lost their sponsor, so many orphan children need to be sponsored and cared as they can’t receive the services provided by the Humanitarian Organizations and Charitable Societies due to the security conditions.

Many widows and divorced women ( a lot of them are young) were also obliged to work in breaking down the stones to get very little money for feeding their hunger children.

It is worth mentioned that Direct Aid has started a strategy plan by digging deep artesian wells as a type of a proactive rescue for the places exposed to the drought waves in the African countries.