Direct Aid Society assures that the National Unity is “A WAY OF LIFE”

Direct Aid Society assures that the National Unity is “A WAY OF LIFE”

Direct Aid Society condemned the terroristic blast which led to killing and injuring “hundreds” of Kuwaiti citizens in Sadiq Imam Mosque in Sawaber area.

Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Muhailan, Chairman of Board of Directors, said in a press release in his name and in name of members of Board of Directors that this coward act affected every Kuwaiti house and caused sorrow to all Kuwaiti people with no exception, as the Kuwaiti people is united one, which was taught by time and hardships that disasters increase its unity and makes rising over injuries a way of life of citizens believe in their home security and safety.

Al-Muhailan added that promoting the citizenship unity in this important stage is very necessary more than any previous time whereas it is considered the government, parliament and all citizens responsibility with no exception, everyone in its place and by his work nature, confirming that every guilty terroristic act targets Kuwait as a whole.
Al-Muhailan confirmed that the Kuwaiti citizen has the full awareness of the “main target” of such guilty criminal acts which is representing in spreading the seeds of sedition among Kuwait sects which form the social web of Kuwait, referring to that reactions of both citizens and leaders were considered clear and strong reply to all who would tamper Kuwait security and its people unity.

Finally, Al-Muhailan presented his sincere condolences to the victims’ families and relatives and all Kuwaiti people, asking Almighty Allah to bless and forgive them, wishing quick recovery to the wounded and sick of beloved “Kuwait” people.