They included 1086 graduate students in these two affiliated universities

Direct Aid Society celebrated the graduation of the fifteenth batches at Abdulrahman Al-Sumait University in State of Zanzibar and the eleventh batches at Simad University in Somalia in the presence of Chairman of the Board of Directors Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Muhailan and officials from the two countries in addition to the faculty members of the two universities and a number of guests and very important persons.

The celebration of Abdulrahman Al-Sumait University was attended by the Zanzibar Second Vice-President and Chairman of the University Council in addition to the faculty members, the administrators, governmental officials and university students. About 686 students have been graduated in various specialties including computer, chemistry, biology, physics, history and geography in addition to the languages whereas the number of graduates in this university since 2001 reached to 300 graduates in various majors.
On this occasion, the second Vice President of the Republic praised the best efforts of Direct Aid Society in Zanzibar in general and in Sumait University in particular for its services presented to the country wishing it and the graduate students more success in serving the country and the citizens.

At the end of the celebration, certificates of appreciation have been handed over to the outstanding students in addition to handing over the certificates of graduation. Moreover, the Second Vice President of the Republic was honored during the celebration by the presence of His Excellency the Ambassador of State of Kuwait in Tanzania.

Direct Aid Society also celebrated the sixteenth anniversary of establishment of Simad University and graduating the eleventh batches of students whereas the number of graduates reached 400 graduates from the four colleges forming the university which are: College of Business Administration, College of Computer Sciences, College of Social Sciences and College of Economics.

The graduation celebration is headed by Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Muhailan and Chairman of Simad University Council in the presence of the faculty members, the university guests from Malaysia and other invitees.

The new building and laboratory of college of medicine and nursing are inaugurated after the university had begun receiving students in these two important majors. Furthermore, language center is opened at the university headquarter which is considered one of the newest centers in Somalia where it uses the latest methods in teaching and developing languages for the rehabilitation of students in fields of scientific researches and conversations.

On this occasion, Dr. Al-Muhailan has also put the foundation-stone for the Medical City and the University Hospital in Mogadishu. This project is considered one of the most important medical projects in Somalia whereas it will be built on an area of more than 80 hectares. Also, it will include a college of medicine, college of nursing, university hospital, management headquarter, staff housing, laboratories and hotel services.

Details of this project have been presented during a celebration hosted by President of Republic of Somalia “Mr. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud” at the presidential palace in honor of the University of Simad. This celebration was attended by Chairman of Direct Aid Society Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Muhailan and the appointed university president and some of faculty and staff members.
In his speech during the celebration, the President praised the work of Direct Aid Society in Somalia and the university’s performance during the previous years for its excellence in graduating students of high levels despite of the bad circumstances faced the country. He also noted that the university shall continue performing its mission despite of the risks and disorders that faced and still facing the country.

It is noteworthy that Simad University is considered one of the most important educational institutions subject to Direct Aid Society in State of Somalia. It is established in 1999 AD with a modest efforts but it was soon witnesses a significant expansion and diversity in its activities and services until obtained the official recognition as an integrated university since 2011 after which it began to reap the fruits of the continued efforts through graduation of successive batches of students in various majors.