The Office of Direct Aid Society in Yemen distributed recently 2000 baskets of food in Yemen from which 2000 families have benefited in Sana’a Governorate. By the end of this campaign, total of what has been distributed reaches to 2338 baskets of food. Direct Aid Society has launched a campaign of aid to the Yemeni People under the title of (Yemen … Call for Hope) to support their needs of food and medicine because of the political and military events that took place during the last period.

Value of the basket of food is amounted at KD. 30 containing 52 Kilos of the following materials (flour or rice – sugar – milk – oil – dates) for purpose of providing the basic needs of food for an average family consisting of five members for one full month.

Direct Aid Society is keen on the immediate implementation for its assistances provided to the brothers in Yemen through its official office in the capital Sana’a and in collaboration with some of local authorities to cover the vast geographic spaces of the emigrants and those who are afflicted.

The aids are provided to the most needy areas such as Taiz, Lahij, Ad Dali, Al-Bayda’, Sana’a, Amran, Ibb, Hodeidah and other areas in north and south, east and west, and other accessible areas.

According to official statistics, the number of people affected has reached: 1080 dead — 4350 wounded – 300 thousand emigrants – 2 Million children have been deprived of study and all these figures are expected to be increased.

The Direct Aid Society has opened its office in Yemen since several years and provided through which a large number of relief programs before the recent events. The Direct Aid Society placed on the top of its priorities the issue of solving the problem of water shortage and the lack of benefit from the rainwater that falls annually on the territory of Yemen which amounts 70 Billion cubic meters from which only 4 Billion cubic meters are being used.
It is noteworthy that the person’s quota of clean drinkable water per year in Yemen is 138 cubic meters while the same proportion in neighboring countries is 1250 cubic meters and the global ratio is 7500 cubic meters.