For widows, divorcees and needy families:

In the context of its strategy to fight against poverty, ignorance and diseases across the African countries and in order to achieve the principle of sustainable development in poorest communities, Direct Aid Society implemented nine development projects in Tunisia at a cost of 1800 euros by 200 euros per project within the budget of the society in 2016.

Projects were implemented in four states in the far south of Tunisia for widows, divorcees and needy families since these projects were varied to include sewing machines and accessories, preparation of Tabonah Bread and Arabic Bread, development of current shops and establishment of shop for confectionery industry and sale in the local market.
In this occasion, Dr. Abdullah Abdul Rahman Al Somit, General Manager of Direct Aid Society, said “the society pays special attention to small development projects as they are deemed as the basic components in the renaissance of communities by providing acceptable and sustainable income for poor groups confirming that this approach is followed in all African countries where the society is operating.

He added that these projects are intended to provide a constant source of livelihood through income-generating project for needy groups, poverty challenge and the need for productive work and employing the capabilities of the widows and the advancement of the individual and the society and promoting the idea of handicraft works in addition to the economic and social stability for the poor especially widows and orphans.

It is worth to mention that the development projects are distributed to states of Gabes and Medenine and Tataouine and Qublify in the southern Tunisia.